Thursday, August 06, 2015

Unusual "U" week

 So, "U" isn't the easiest letter to create a chalk board design out of.  The four year old thought the Sea Urchin was creepy.  ;)
 What do we use in the United States?  That works, right?  We did a lot of USA puzzles and played the "Uncle Wiggly" game and read some "Uncle Wiggly" stories as well as others.
 Randomly, the girls decided to make Unicorn horns so that they could pretend to play unicorns and alicorns.  Probably because the newest season of "My Little Pony" came out on Netflix!
 Under the sea puzzle--
 United States puzzle.  My two oldest put this together totally on their own. I was impressed!  It's all in the shapes of the actual states too!
 The "U" geo board thing was an "Upside down Umbrella"
 The Unique State in the United States is Utah as it's the only one that starts with U.  So, there you go.  ;)
 For the chalk board on the table flap, I drew the above so that the girls could have fun coloring it in.
 My 7 year old was quite pleased with how it turned out!  Note--- I get a little crazy detailed with my chalk board designs, but if you want to incorporate a chalk board in your school it doesn't have to be like mine!  It can be lovely and simple like the one above!  Just the letter and an object.  :)
 Randomly roasting marshmallows .. because that's what Unicorns eat?

This doesn't have anything to do with "U week" but we had a little break in the middle because I went to the Jamberry National conference!  The company is based in UTAH, so it sort of goes then right?  ;)
Selling anything isn't really my "thing" and meeting tons of new people isn't my thing either, but I really had a blast!  Parts I didn't like, but I was able to manage those bits and mostly just focus on the best parts.  It got a bit too loud at times, and I don't do crowds of 4,000!!!  But the good stuff totally made it worth it.  I was very happy to see my youngest having a good time with her Daddy while I was gone as well!  Previously, it was extremely hard for her to be away from me. So this was great timing all around!  
Meeting the other consultants in my team (upline and downline) who I've only known online was FABULOUS!  Everyone was even more awesome and kind in person!  My favorite thing about this past year has been being in this community of woman.  I love being able to help other consultants as we all encourage each other.  It was nice to meet the people who work in Jamberry's home office as well.  Everyone was so sincere and kind and "real" if that makes sense.  It made me really happy to be apart of this company.  
 I learned some stuff too and it just over-all helped me to remember why I signed up with Jamberry to begin with (almost a year ago now!) 
It's just fun!  My girls love it and I love the wraps.  I revived my "Francis and Eugenia" videos and have been working on actually editing them to (hopefully) make them more fun for people to watch!  You can see some of them here -

  • I even did a video with my girls involvement!  The picture above is my 4 year old who was great at improvising.  It's pretty funny.  I'd like to make a lot more!
Now that "U week" is basically over and conference is over, I'm trying to find "normal" again.. whatever that is!  But I think it's some sort of balance between the stuff I want and like to do. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Time for the Terrificness of "T"

 The Tea Table and the toy Tiger in this of course are the two "T things" shaped like their big and little t's.... the girls like to figure out which objects in each chalkboard are the capital and lowercases of the letter in question.
 And their chalkboards are on the right!

 Totally adorable.

 They also did some chalkboard designs for "T week" on the chalkboard side of their craft table.

 The 9 year old created a teepee as well all on her own to go with her American girl doll.  She really likes the American girl doll Kaya and has been listening to those books on CD recently.
 We hit on a cooler day to go to the arboretum and the children's garden that has a skywalk with info about all the trees along the edges of it.  We traced leaves and wrote about trees in our visual journals.

 They had fun with putting these in different shapes to create their own "garden maze" of sorts.

 And of course finding and reading as much as we could about trees!  They also have this pretend hollow tree with a spiral staircase in and around it which is pretty fun for the kids... see video below about how fun that tree area is!

 "T Week" happened to be the time when we started doing "Life of Fred" math together.  My oldest two do it together and the 4 year old just sort of plays along and enjoys it but doesn't get what it's all about.  Well, they learned about Archimedes in the Life of Fred and when we were at the children's garden they got to see an invention that he came up with! 

 How do you get water to go up hill?  You use this device of course.  ;)  We'll visit the water section again for sure during "W week"  :)
 My 9 year old has expressed interest in learning more about counting money so I got her a special game with coins and my 7 year old has expressed a great desire to learn how to tell time.  SO, I got this "Time Telling Game" which has turned out to be very exciting for them.
 Also, their Grammy got them all (even the 4 year old though she's not in the picture!) watches so they can practice telling time!  In a very short time they've come quite far in knowing how to figure out the clocks around our house!  Now at random moments the 7 year old with announce what time it is.  She usually gets it right too!  But if she doesn't it's not a big deal to explain the time and how to figure it out.
 More pictures of my decorating and organizing.  That wall used to be just the dark color of the wood.. also the inside of that cupboard that's open used to be the dark wood color.  It looks a little yellow in this picture, but it's not.  It's just a marble looking white.  I'm getting carried away with the chalk boards and covered that white board with chalk board paper.
 I couldn't remember if I posted this or not, but chalk board paper is now on the little black table for the two younger kids... this is in our living room.
 They are having a lot of fun with that chalk board.  It does get dusty, but personally, I'd rather have the dust then the smell of a white board or the more difficult things to clean up that are art related.
 My 9 year old impressed me greatly with this picture!  The school she's been doing has helped even with her drawing abilities not just her writing skills.  :)
And, random... what happens when Grammy gives us her snail and then later realizes that said snail had laid eggs in her tank and now there are about 30 teeny tiny snails all over?  You adopt them as well!!!  The girls named the mamma snail "Roxie" and the baby snails "The Rockets"  .. So, say hello to the Rockets.  ;)
 Drinking some morning tea while doing her work today.  We've had a lot of tea parties recently and morning tea with school has been nice for everyone.  Here, my oldest is just finishing one of the books in the B series.
And as these were helping my oldest so much with her drawing and observing skills I thought I'd start my 7 year old as well!  She just started the 3rd book in the A series today.
This series is on sale right now actually and you can see them here - 
Personally, I like how it's teaching good skills for penmenship and so on without it just being more writing.  It's fun and good for your brain to figure out how to complete the pictures!