Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The hardest entry to make

I ought to ask Capt. Picard how this is done. Did you ever wonder how the Captain of the Enterprise began his logbook? Surely it was something momentuous. "Our journey, however many seasons it is, begins here." Is this sort of name-dropping "entry" as momentuous as that? One only hopes so.
I've begun this blog in order to self-publish my thoughts. I have had many changes in lifestyle--some bordering on the miraculous--and I have also been given the noggin capable of some very valuable insights. Therefore, it is incumbant on me to write these insights down. As my discipline does not lend itself to writing notes to myself, I have made the selfish decision to post them out in front of you. Selfish because anyone who believes their private thoughts are worth sharing with as wide an audience as these 'blogs get is an ego-maniac. Yet, in lieu of that opinion, I'm posting here because enough people have caught my arm and asked, "Have you thought about this?" "What's your opinion on the subject?" It's unlucky for them that I don't have the same command of my speaking abilities as I have of my writing abilities.
Thus, the hardest entry begins. Subjected to nothing, its mere intent is to shatter upon the burgeoning ship that is to be my 'blog.
(Is that momentuous enough for ya?)

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