Friday, May 05, 2006

Another Undertaking Worth Mentioning

Yes, I'd talked about it.
Yes, I'd dreamed of it.
Yes, I'd even prepared some for sale...
BUT now I've gone and DONE it!

What I'm refering to is selling some of the nifty clothes that Lynné and I make! So--all of you, Spoon, Jessica, Mom, Stephen, and other regular readers--keep an eye out for something you yourself really want. (And, if you bid and get out-bid, you made me that much cash.) While I'm still keeping some better ideas on the back-burner (I have a really cool shirt that I want to duplicate for Da3vid), I'm slowly spreading my Youssefian style. Here's a link to the e-bay site...

And for the ones just wanting to look at what I'm selling...

In case any of you are wondering, that is Lynné's dress-form... not a person. But dress-forms don't have heads. How did that work?
I took a stuffed toy (talking Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales fame) and put him in the head. You can't tell because he's under a sheet of black material. But I remember him occasionally saying "I'm not a pickle--I'm a cucumber" and "I'm Larry the Cucumber" while I took the photo. Talk about a surreal experience.

Do you guys think human models are better?

Well, I hope this foray into the Emarketing world goes well. After all, I've had a potato chip in the shape of Craig Thompson's head for nearly three years. If this goes well, expect to see that pop up on Ebay next.

-Youssef Sleiman
PS: For those who aren't from Dallas, Craig Thompson was my best man at my wedding. He was my friend and mentor for those rickety years I spent in college.
PPS: For Craig Thompson, I don't really have a potato chip in the shape of your head. :)


Spoon said...

I see you scored 58 banana leaves for that rig. I hope that represents a profit, because you deserve one. When can we expect the next shipment of strap-on tails?

Mrs. S: Thanks for the thoughtful comments on my a_______ post a while back. Extra points for promoting breastfeeding. =^)

Youssef Sleiman said...

Well, until I have developed an appropriate gender distinction between human tails, I'm afraid I muster only one. I worry about putting them on the market... I don't think many of my demographs shop in the "mature" section of eBay.