Friday, June 09, 2006

Good Intentions

For all intents and purposes, this blog was supposed to off-load some of the thoughts I have in my day. Blame it on an irregular routine, blame it on life's quirky ways, blame it on laziness--I have simply not gotten around to posting half as much as I wished I did.

SO-- I give you my Star Trek listings.

This is a list of actresses and actors who appeared in "Star Trek: the Next Generation" I've been compiling since L and I began watching the series.

The most notable one to me is Teri Hatcher. She may be best known for her work on "Lois & Clark," the Superman series.
She shows up somewhere early in the 3rd season. The transporter chief, Chief O'Brien whom fans know and remember, was just beginning to appear in the series more regularly. You could tell by season 3, because the Starfleet uniform changed from what L and I call "The Piping" to "The Collar." The chief, though given few lines, received a "Collar" uniform--standing him out from other extras. Anyway, Teri Hatcher, in her appearance, shows up doing the transporter thing, effectively bumping off Chief O'Brien. Teri has big hair and attracts another actor some might recognize, culminating in a brief scene where Teri's quarters on the Enterprise close with her in a red-dress inviting the guest star in.
By the by--the guest star is the same actor who did the Rocketeer, Billy Campbell. Good film. Rent once.

More recently, we saw Ashley Judd working in Engineering and--as some guest stars do--falling in love with Wesley Crusher. Go figure.

Until others come up, I'll continue compiling.

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Spoon said...

I confess I'm a huge fan of TNG. I watched most of the first five seasons last year, so I know what you're going through.

I was pretty happy when O'Brien finally showed up. Does Wesley ever really add anything to the show? I'm not sure, but after a while one comes to tolerate him. The rest of the characters are great. Picard: 10 times better than any captain before or since. (Oh, and what's up with Data, an android, getting drunk, and getting his scrump on with Yar? That the writers failed to address these issues in subsequent episodes leaves me with a deep lack of closure).

The DVD extras are great, too, eg when Brent Spiner complains about his makeup, and Michael Dorn overhears and drop kicks him in the solar plexus.