Monday, September 25, 2006

Lily's eight months pictures (September 4th)

For Lily's eight months pictures we went to "Manito Park". This was at the English garden by the fountain. Lily LOVES water!!! You know how some kids cry when they get water on themselves or especially on their face... she just blinks it away (and sometimes gasps).

One of the last hot days of summer too... though not hot enough to let her get into the water! (though I know she wanted to climb in)

She liked crawling on the grass and feeling the texture of it. I really like the lighting in these pictures.

These next ones are in the rose gardens... I sometimes have to play "peek-a-boo" to get her to look at me long enough for a picture! She's so curious about everything.

Pulling the petals off of the roses didn't last long, but she enjoyed it before I stopped her...

So then she and I strolled to the Orientel gardens and enjoyed the waterfalls and walked across the bridge (again... she loved the water)

In this picture it looks like the water fall is really far away or something, but actually it just wasn't very big...

The next picture with the rock she has an interesting expression I think. Actually what happened was that she turned around to look at something and almost fell and that face is the "wow/gasp/I'm ok" look.

Daddy's favorite spot in the garden is the place with the water carving a spot out on the rock (though Lily just likes it because she can splash in it.)

At about this point in the day I fed Lily and she fell asleep in the stroller.... so I called Youssef and asked if he'd want to come out for lunch. I fed the ducks at the duck pond while I waited for him to show up and then we walked to "Rockwood Bakery" a REALLY spiffy place!

We sat outside on the patio area under the awning... very romantic. Lily ate with us too and her Daddy got a break from work for a while. We all enjoyed a kitkat together (Lily would have put the whole thing in her mouth if I let her! ... is that a mark of a true woman... to love chocolate?)

She posed quite well for this picture... all she needed was a journal or Jane Austen book and she'd be all set. ;)

(She liked chewing on the straw... no teeth yet though... just lots of chewing.)

On the way back to Manito Lily lounged in the stroller (notice the foot)

Youssef left to go back to working and Lily and I stayed longer for some more pictures!

(This is a picture of her as she's standing and just about ready to get down to crawl.)

Oh!!! Is that a fairy that I see?

There's one peeking behind that tree!

I think this one must be a really unlady like fairy? Oh.. she's just wondering what sort of terrain I've placed her on.

(The nice thing about using the fairy wings for pictures is that it's easy to get cute pictures even if she's crawling away!)

(There were some gardeners working at Manito and saw me taking pictures of her with the fairy wings... they smiled. If I were them I'd feel really glad to have someone take pictures amongst all the work that I did!)

These flowers were so big that it made her look like a real fairy!

Now just a few weeks later Lily is WALKING (really well infact.) She has been walking along furniture for a few months now and has even stood up in the middle of a room (even in the bath only using her legs! ... maybe she'll want to do Irish dancing with such leg power.) I really like that she's walking so early. She gets into a lot of stuff, but now she can follow me around and I don't have to hold her ALL the time (which.. I like to hold her, but it's nice that she can entertain herself better.) She says "MaMa" if I leave a room and is learning how to just follow me (sometimes she forgets that she can do that now.) Yesterday, we went to a "Corn Maze" and after wandering through the maze till the end we picked pumkins! Lily liked to toddle around the pumpkins and pat them.

More pictures to come later!


Rachel said...

Wow! I can't believe Lily is walking...I LOVE the pictures. She and Kyrie will have a great time when we come up for Christmas.

Stephen said...

Glad to once more see posts from the Sleimans. Lily is cute. thanks for sharing some pics of her.

Lynne said...

I know Rachel, it will be so fun! Maybe by then they'll actually be able to really play more.. like chase each other around and stuff. ;)

Genny said...

Hi Lynne' & Youssef,
The pictures of "Fairy Lily" are ADORABLE!!! I can't stand it! No wonder you have trouble getting all you cleaning done, with so much cuteness to contend with! (Believe me, the cleaning thing doesn't go away, especially when they're teenagers!) Have a great Thanksgiving.

Lots of love to you 3,