Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lots of Advice

So... people are always telling me that I need to develop my creativity into a business. I'll want to learn to play the harp and a few months later I find myself playing it at a gift shop durring Christmas time (a professional musician just like that) ... Someone says that I can draw really well... then I find myself commisioned to make five gigantic pictures for a book... years go by other hobbies are added and advice is given and now I scrapbook and I've been told that I should do them for people as a business.

I would like to say that I tend to be a people pleaser and take all this advice and end up doing something that isn't really suited to me (in that I'm rather shy with new people and enjoy the hobbie because of the creativity which can get messed up when someone else is telling you exactly how they want something made.)

But I got to thinking about what I really want to do...

I love to play the harp but I've noticed that I tend to not play after a holiday season because I hate performing so much (actually I'd really like to be in an orcestra or some other big group type thing.. when I think of that dream I start to tear up because I don't think it is possible for some reason... odd how so many people would probably rather be in my shoes with the whole free-lance musician thing.) I haven't played my harp in a long time because it seems like when ever I start to practice someone hears me and wants to hire me for something and then I can't say no and (usually could really use the money) and.. and... I really hate performing. Youssef loves to hear me play and has encouraged me to perform and so forth... but even he has come to realize that it's just not my thing. (Maybe because I freak out so much before and after that he doesn't like being around me?)

.... I enjoyed being a seamstress at the bridal shop, altering wedding dresses and things... but even though I still do some of that (and enjoy the sewing and creativity it takes to make something fit unique individuals) I wouldn't want to just advertise and have to deal with any jerk (or majorly freaky bride) that comes to me for an alteration.

What I really really want to do (since I can't afford to buy a pedal harp and play in an orcestra *sigh*) I want to design knitting patterns for magazines! The people that do that get paid pretty good and it would be so fun! I'm going to buy a computer program to help with the design diagrams and things. It will be great because I won't really have to talk to anyone... just mail submissions to the magazine companies... maybe I'll make enough to print a book or something! And even if no magazine will buy my designs I'll still be able to design things for myself (and Lily and Youssef, too!) I can never find exactly what I'm wanting to make (and it's annoying to alter knitting patterns because they take so long to knit... dress patterns aren't as big of a deal because sewing is so much faster)

... anyway... like any of you really care to hear all this... I just tend to talk a lot when I'm excited and this way no one has to listen. ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Even more pictures!

Lily is Nine months (last week on the 4th) walks all over the place (wears a size 4 shoe and will probably be in a 5 by christmas for any Grandmothers out there. ;) She's just starting to get a toothe on the lewer/front/right.
She LOVES sparkly things oohing and cooing and smiling when she sees anything with bling. (It's proof, she is DEFINATELY her mother's daughter. ;)
She also really likes to look at her hard books and has sit by me on the couch just looking through her books for up to 20 minutes!
She really likes baby dolls and even has put her stuffed animals and baby doll in the swing that she used to use and will push them!
It's hard to tell if she's saying much yet... sometimes I would swear that she said "Ahdun" for all done and "ILuhvU" for I love you, but then she won't say it again and I'm not sure if my ears are just tripping out or what.

Friday, October 06, 2006

You say Pajawma and I say PajAma...

Your Linguistic Profile:
40% General American English
30% Yankee
20% Dixie
5% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Well... he was born in Alabama...

Your Linguistic Profile:
70% General American English
15% Upper Midwestern
5% Midwestern
5% Yankee
0% Dixie
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Ummm... I guess I'm more normal? 70% general...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We're BACK ... with tons of pictures!!

We just got back from the Seattle area... Last Friday we left during Lily's nap and made it to Leavenworth without too much difficulty (though Lily was ready to get out by then.. and she'd slept most of the way./) Then at about 9 when she went to sleep we drove to the Seattle area.. north of Seattle actually, and stopped at a cheap/not so great/but adequate motel.

We went to the Woodland park Zoo Saturday morning. I think that Lily really liked to see the animals... and ride on Daddy's shoulders. ;)

Then down to Seattle where we went to the Science FICTION museum (very sweet), wandered the streets for a while, and then went to the Space Needle when it was dark (the lights of the city were quite loverly). Lily loves anything that shines and sparkles so she really liked the view from the space needle. Then when Lily fell asleep (9:00 again) we drove to Tacoma to stay at the motel where a lot of people were staying at for Joel and Heathers' Wedding!

On Sunday, we drove to Puyallup, had lunch in the park where they were going to have the wedding (the wedding party was having their

pictures taken at that time), and then we got to see the marriage of Joel and Heather! The park was lovely displaying its fall colors... the sun was out... the air was just a little crisp and smelled of autumn.. the music was wonderful (Two people that we know really well played penny whistles and danced down the isle after the ceremony!) The bride was amazingly gorgeous... the groom looked dapper.. their vows brought tears to the eyes of the romantic and caused the married listener to remember the commitment that they made with their true love long ago... the

reception was elegant displaying autumn decor.. the soup as reeeeeally good (I want more)... the pies had the perfect decorations on it... the toasts were sincere making the listener laugh and cry at times... the park outside of the pavilion (where the reception was held) shown with a golden sunset shinning off of the chestnuts that recently cast off their spiny shells and lay scattered on the grass... the sunset shown on the happy bride and groom... and then they drove away from the crowd that was left to sigh at the short time that they got to enjoy their company, pat their full belly's, and look at all the pictures that they took so that they could remember what a beautiful wedding it was..

That night we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the Jacuzzi (I was the bubble shark that got Lily's toes)... then on Monday we drove to Mt Rainier (Youssef hadn't been there before and it was a GORGEOUS day to be there!) Lily fell asleep and we took the drive down the mountain (stopping a few times for pictures).. and just got to Yakima when she was really ready to be out of the car. We wandered for a while till she'd be ready to come home and ... finally... drove home (we got back at 12:30) It was great... but it's nice to be home again. :)