Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Even more pictures!

Lily is Nine months (last week on the 4th) walks all over the place (wears a size 4 shoe and will probably be in a 5 by christmas for any Grandmothers out there. ;) She's just starting to get a toothe on the lewer/front/right.
She LOVES sparkly things oohing and cooing and smiling when she sees anything with bling. (It's proof, she is DEFINATELY her mother's daughter. ;)
She also really likes to look at her hard books and has sit by me on the couch just looking through her books for up to 20 minutes!
She really likes baby dolls and even has put her stuffed animals and baby doll in the swing that she used to use and will push them!
It's hard to tell if she's saying much yet... sometimes I would swear that she said "Ahdun" for all done and "ILuhvU" for I love you, but then she won't say it again and I'm not sure if my ears are just tripping out or what.


Rachel said...

Too cute. She really is the perfect blend of the two of you! I love the jeans; they make her look like a little girl instead of a baby.

Rick Capezza said...

I love that bow. Too cute!