Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lily's 10 months!

Lily helped her Daddy rake the leaves!

She's had a little cold lately so for her 10 months pictures I thought it would be best to take them when she was wearing her new nightgown and bunny slippers (especially since she wore them so much while being sick!)

I held her while she took her naps so that she could breathe better.

She loves to look at her books and her favorite is her "Frog in the Kitchen Sink" book (I do all the voices ;)

The only way I could get her to stay still enough for the pictures was by putting her on our little foot stool. She loves to climb onto the stool and even though she kept falling (though now she's got it figured out) she kept getting back on it again.

She also just cut her fourth toothe! (If you look closely you can see one top toothe in the picture above.)


Rick Capezza said...

That nightgown and slippers are so cute.

Rachel said...

I agree with my husband; LOVE the nightie & slippers.