Saturday, January 27, 2007

What will our time be remembered for?

By reflecting on my coming death, I realized that my life would be remembered by the attitudes that characterized it. My fancy for snazzy/super-comfortable clothes may prevail in memories over my grotesque logorrhea. Pause there for a moment.

Just to be gross...
How many of you have heard that word? Logorrhea. Pronounce it. Logo - Ree - Ah. Disgusting syllables together that mean the excessive use of words. The entymology is just waiting there for someone with some imagination to pick it up. Thus, comes my duty. Logo - for every good Christian/Greek fanatic, meaning word(s)... and -rrhea. From the famous "diarrhea." I imagine logorrheic writers, pounding away at old typewriters, having to pause and grab the garbage can to... hear the bilious sound (someone told me it sounded like the name Ralph) ... of logorrhea.

This particular period of human history seems characterized by entertainment of various forms. Depending on whatever passes us into the next period, I postulate we will be remembered as a time of great movie-rrhea.