Sunday, February 04, 2007

To keep on a-blogging

I am without a specific reason to write. Still, I should do something that amounts to cataloguing my life.
Perhaps I'll complain about the landlord duties I had waiting for me. The tenant upstairs left a message for us when we got home from church. Her refrigerator had stopped again. Power was getting in, but the chilly air that kept her Uncle Tom's cold-cuts cold had stopped.Enter the Landlord.
We used to live up there. The fridge is everything we had --just some months older. This tenant has had two times in six months when the fridge has given out.(this is the second time.) So. whispering a quick prayer-partly on behalf of Lynne's because she looked really depressed at being called upon during our Sunday rest. It was a simple solution; the fan needed just a little twisting. I love it when the problem requires only a little intervention on my part. When Lynne asks me to help her and I only need to tap something with my magic hands, I love it.The fridge today was like that.
Earlier we "fixed" other appliances like that. The key to it is prayer. We prayed over a washer/dryer set, a computer, and that refrigerator. How about that for juxtaposition: prayer for the survival of our conveniences. Many of the readers may have a theological explanation of why we shouldn't use prayer that way, but I found it to work. Hard to argue though that.
What if that's my spiritual gift? I could lay hands on people's broken stuff, and let the Lord fix it. Is there any more glorious way to serve God than by helping people get on with their lives?

I think there is.

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Daniel Leslie Peterson said...

How's that cook stove of ours working?