Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've been thinking a while about parenting and am always keeping my eyes open for new ideas that might work better than what I've done with Lily. Well, a friend in TX told me about the "Baby Wise" books by the Ezzos, and it sounded like it was a really good message. I have other friends who use a like the philosophy, so I looked into it more. If any of you out there use and like his books, I encourage you to see this web site After learning the information that was falsified (like his degree and other health concerns about breastfeeding and nutriton for the babies) and real stories from people following the books, I wanted to let other people know so that they can be fully informed. I'm not saying that if you use his method you are wrong or evil or anything--in fact, I think that if you like it, that it works in your family, and you have a thriving relationship with your healthy kids, wonderful! I'm just putting this post here because this was a big eye-opener for me, and I wanted to share it.


Anonymous said...

I know he's been excommunicated three times (once from John MacArthur's church). I didn't see that on the site, but I didn't look for long.

I had a friend who really despised his methods. Ezzo suggests putting kids on the dryer for ten minutes to calm them down. The friend emailed Ezzo's site, saying, "I put my kid in the dryer for ten minutes, but it didn't work." Heh. He didn't get a response.

My only interaction with it is a pastor friend of mine. He wouldn't let his wife check on their baby when it was crying because "it wasn't time." Turned out the kid's leg was caught in the crib, and it was hurting the child.

Once with another of his children, there was another problem. The child listened to the same tape every day at the same time (Ezzo suggested). When the tape player broke one day, the child flipped out and was inconsolable.

I only personally know one person who used it though (though I've heard similar stories from my friends' friends). With him, it made his children quite inflexible. But that's one person.

Rick Capezza

Lynne said...

They do talk about his character and how he was ex-communicated and so forth, but my conserns were more about the false information that he gives about nursing and discipline that can injure the child ... sometimes perminently. One woman followed his high chair rules for her son a slapped his hand every time he did't eat cleanly and now he's ten and is autistic and still fed through a feeding tube. Though more often the usual problems that happen are that the moms milk will dry up, but depending on the individual baby (tummy size and personality) and the mom (what the birth was like and her personality) realy it could be fine for you to use and to another (which is why I posted this in the first place) can kill the baby.