Friday, April 20, 2007

Warning Label...

One thing that I didn't mention about our christmas trip is that Youssef had made some wine that he wanted to take for presents. He diappered each bottle and putting them in zipploc bags we packed them in a gigantic suitcase along with the presents for each other and Lily that we couldn't wrap (because of regulations) and tried to hide them from each other which proved to be rather difficult.

Well... the wine all made it to GA in one piece then to TX still in one piece and to all of our friends and who ever else Youssef found to bestow it upon. Now... I have to say that first batch wasn't so good. We tried it down there after all of the traveling (couldn't open it before because of the ageing it had to go through).. Youssef admits that the first batch wasn't so great. I DO have to say that his second batch of Reisling was quite perfect though!

So... if you happen to be someone that was given the said home-made wine, we've discovered that though it does lack some of the right qualities when used as a table wine it is amazingly good if put in a smoothy! We've just discovered this... some vanilla ice cream or milk/sugar with some frozen strawberries and a little of the "bad wine" turns out quite well. I'd actually thought I couldn't like wine again after Youssef had me taste test so often (or it just seemed often because it tasted so bad) but that I actually will willingly drink.

Also, if any of you out there do have a bottle of his first batch of wine it might be interesting to find out how you've creatively used it... medically perhaps... or for machinery?

(... and if we are fortunate enough to be able to fly all across the U.S. carrying 60lbs of wine ever again, rest assured that if you receive a bottle again it will be quite supperb as Youssef is quite skilled at making it now. ;)

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Youssef Sleiman said...

By the way, the smoothy Lynné makes mention of is called a "Frost Elf." Typically, it tastes phenomenal. At its worst, it tastes like Jell-o. Not bad, eh?

Again, choose a bottle of Elvenhome bottled in Spring of '06.