Wednesday, May 02, 2007

because coments are few... and everything is funny late at night...

So I wonder if many people read this blog, but I do realize that many people are too busy and don't comment much. I understand that since I'm usually useing our Wii and it takes forever to type, but I've found a solution! Please feel free to refer to this list of common sayings and simply type the corespnding number.

#1 - Cool verb usage
#2 - Cool pictures
#3 - What an adorably, wonderful, intelligent, genius, goddesslike child you have there.
#4 - It's amazing how much your offspring has in common with her parents!
#5 - Your posts are so insightfull and interesting that I read them twice.
#6 - Not that I'm agreeing with you or aything...
#7 - Wow! (+a = "that's discusting", +b = "that's amazing", +c = "that's SO cute!" or +d = "never blog that again you infidel!")
#8 - What do you mean by that? (+a = "you monkey", +b = "are you saying I'm fat?", +c "You ARE a communist!" or +d "Why can't I have more cheese in my life?")
#9 - I have no idea what you were talking about, but I do admire the way you said it.
#10 - "Gastro-intestinal!"


Joel A. Shaver said...

#6, #7+c, #8+d, #10. I like my options!

Rebekah said...

#7! #1. #8a! LOL

Amanda said...

How come this doesn't go to 11? ;)

Lynne said...

That would be because nothing could follow Youssef's brilliant #10. ;)