Friday, June 29, 2007

random pictures

These next pictures are of the day before Father's day when we walked to Riverfront park!

More Riverfront park pictures below

The pictues below are of Lily's bed time ritual which doesn't always happen dependig on what we are doing. ;)

She loves her massages and says "Mzz" for "massage"

These pictures are on Fathers day when we went to Priest Lake... I mean.. Granite Falls.

The drive was really long....

Youssef got to barbeque hamburgers and STEAK!

Lilly liked to paint with ther "finger paints" but didn't like touching it so we used brushes... her favorite color to use was the red and kept asking for that one over and over even though she called all the colors "boo"... even the blue one. ;)

We went strawberry picking and picked 21lbs of strawberries that took me three hours to wash and cut the tops off and freeze! We want to go back though because they were such a good price and we didn't need to feed Lily lunch since she eat strawberries all day (she must have eaten a lb or 2 all by herself!) and she LOVED them! (I put her in red for a reason. ;)

She looks like she's going to spit this out but she didn't... it was just a big bite and I caught her at a funny moment. :)

Lily and I played in her pool yesterday because it was so hot. We have a book from the Library called "Swim little Wambat, Swim!" In it the wambat learns to swim and since we started reading it she will hold herself up with her hands and let her feet float, and she'll kick them while holding her breath. There's a picture of her "holding her breath" too. ;)


Rebekah said...

"Priest Lake...I mean Granite Falls" LOL!
Are you going to make a bedtime book or poster with the bedtime ritual pictures? We've been meaning to do a poster for the boys...

Heather said...

Neat pictures Lynne! I didn't even know you had a blog, it was fun to see all your pictures and stuff. Congrats to you too as I heard you are pregnant also! Our babies will be very close in age! Too bad we don't live close anymore. :( Blessings to you and your family!
Cousin Heather