Thursday, June 14, 2007

A wedding scrapbook!

This is a scrapbook I just finished for a friend of mine (Sarah "Bell" now Runckel) and rather than put ALL the pictures that I scrapbooked I thought I'd just take pictures of the scrapbook to share with all of you who know her and didn't get to go to the wedding (I can of course post individual pictures if someone wants to see them more clearly.

Oh! And to start the pressed flowers on the front of the album were actually flowers that had fallen from someone's bouquet or coursage. I found them on the floor at the church after the wedding and saving them, I pressed them and then put them on the front of the album (I covered them with plastic that I sewed onto the cream fabric that was already there.

This was of course their invitation that I just cut up and rearranged (it didn't fit in it's entirety, and it's kind of fun this way, too. ;)

This was of course before the wedding when Sarah was getting ready I made the little bridesmaid dress in the picture out of scraps from her real bridesmaid's dresses (I had the scraps because I altered all the dresses). The beads were left over from the beads that I put on the straps to her wedding dress (no I didn't make her dress! Just altered it, and added the straps and beading on the straps to match the dress.)

I don't know how well you can see it in this picture but it's entirely covered with veil fabric (left over from the veils I made for her) I really like this page because it's like the brides point of view... seeing everyone but sort of blurred and behind a veil of course. ;) Sarah and her dad are on top of the veil fabric as you can see... I wish someone had of taken a picture of Brandon seeing her come in, but Sarah will just have to remember his face ... seeing him adoring see his bride for the first time. :)

This page actually has a "secret" panel (sorry my hand got in the way there) there is a clear tab in the center bottom of the right hand page that when you fold out will look like the pictures bellow.

The words are a copy of the prayer that Dan prayed over them. It's really beautiful so I'll include it here so you can actually read it. (Sorry the formating isn't as nice though!)

Lord, God Almighty Thank you for first loving u that we may now love Thank you for creating us in your image making us male and female that we may now enjoy marriage We commit to you this marriage. We ask you to bless and protect and guide and encourage and provide for Brandon and Sarah in this new life together of oneness. Sustain and deepen and cement the vows they make and the love they declare to each other this day. Lord, God Almighty Thank you for inviting us into intimacy and communion with you through your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Prepare Brandon and Sarah and us for that incomparable marriage yet to come When your children are united with you in glory as the bride of Christ. And now be ever in the embrace of the father. Be ever in the embrace of the Son. Be ever in the embrace of the Holy Spirit. Be ever in the embrace of each other. Amen

The quote under the picture on the left of this page says, "My best and chosen friend companion, guide, to walk through life, linnked hand in hand, two equal loving friends true husband and true wife."

This is another page that opens; not in the center but from all the way on the right till the next pages are a lay out of four.. below.

It's a little hard to see but it's a panorama of the reception (that is lots of pictures that I took and glued so that they look all connected) and also the ambiance of the room. ;) Such yummy food!

The picture on the left and the one on the right are the only two that I got of them actually letting me take a picture... I hate to annoy people and make them pose for me... so I do it sparingly, but I really like the big one... don't they look sweet? ;)

This was really fun. The photagrapher didn't like the lighting inside and so everyone trucked up the hill behind the church and got some gourgeous pictures! The girls were a bit more dareing in that they went higher and the guys. ;) hee, hee... I almost died a few times taking picture in a dress and sandels and got a big scrape on my leg and a bug in my eye, but the as long as the pictures look good! ;)

The picture on the left is my favorite! And the quote says, "It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know that it has begun." (by Longfellow)

I really like doing layouts like this with the lattice work on the left. It takes a while to do, but I think it makes the rose paper in the background have more depth and adds a neat demension.

I love this picture! They just fed each other the cake and kissed... it is so sweet...

The quote is from Shakespeares "Much Ado About Nothing" it says, "I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?" I love that last part! Too many people leave it out, but without it there isn't as much thought to the begining. ... loving the person even with their differences and disagreements...

The rose petals are some leftovers that I swiped from the wedding and the little cartoony people are holding little bags of petals that I made for them out of a real bag that held the petals to throw! The quote on the top right is from Jane Austin, " One cannot have too large a party" (I think she was actually refering to the number of people... a party of people rather than what we think of as a party as in a celebration... but it works either way. You can't have too large a group of close friends! ... Was that from Emma?)

Since Brandon is a pastor, I thought this verse from Ruth was appropriate, "Wherever you go I will go and wherever you make your home, I will make my home..." and also the map, because they will probably have to move a bit. The little signs I thought would be funny... the "one way" "Keep Right" and "no U turn" :) Perhaps it's not a typical "serious" wedding album, but I thought they might like the silly parts and it seemed to fit them better to make it fun.


Rebekah said...

You are my scrapbooking hero! (or...heroine?) That is a really cool book, I'm glad you blogged it!

Heather said...

What a special gift for your friend! Not to mention all the work that went into that! Kudos to you for getting it done with a little one around the house to boot!