Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's about birth and death, in that order

Some of you've wanted to hear what happened to Lynné's picture! Here's the first one's listing on eBay. You can find it really easily by typing in "Birth & Death" or "Birth + Death." It's got an enlarged photo if you roll your mouse over the link... not bad.

Impressions of this artwork...

This one was Lynné's least favorite. The black cover was once blue, which really taints the color of the piece (and the depth). When she revised it, she increased the role of the black material, creating intricate detail to the swirls. Also, the subject matter is a little dark for what Lynné likes (not that she can't do dark or dislikes it -- but you know what I mean.) Notice how there is a single eye, and it is smaller and less vibrant or active than in her other pieces. There are no large pools of color in this piece, and both of the figures in it are secondary to the motion, as if they're carried away in the direction of the swirls--mere players on a stage, pawns on a board. The cycle of eye-sight, where your eyes "want" to look, is driven into almost a single direction. Death feels like a one-way direction here; there is no rebirth.

When I look at this picture, I think of a miscarriage, or something like a premature death.

Birth and Death.

I like Rick Capezza's initial impression, that of a madonna (lower case).

The madonna image adds something to the picture. Her baby's fate is dictated by more influences than her own, and given a destiny beyond her comprehension--and maybe even her acceptance--which is the inference from the picture. Maybe. Maybe nothing serves this picture better than some silence where you can view it.

So, wants to comment? Or even start an initial bid? Looks like five people are tracking it.
- Further, I'm none too sure of eBay's ability to sell art. There are galleries that we'll do better putting these up in. However, we're already obligated to sell this one on eBay.


Anonymous said...

This is Heather's blog

Lynne' said...

Thanks mom!

And, Youssef, I don't think I agree about the death not having a rebirth image. The "babies" she is holding are given up to God (in a way) and as he cries the tears form puddles and that living water flows back over her. I saw the movement flowing in a circle not all away from her.

Lynne' said...

Oh, and her dress has green vines on it indicating life and growth, and her hair flows up into stars and a gold moon indicating dreamy thoughts.
But yes, it is somewhat darker than my usual art.
It definately has some sadness in it... I made it when I was pregnant with Lily and I know that I wondered if she would be healthy or how I'd respond if she died prematurely. I also thought of other babies especially aborted babies and how sad it is that statistically the most unsafe place for a human to be is inside his or her mother. I remember wishing that I could hold and love all those unwanted babies...
.... I wonder if God feels like that... I think it does make Him sad... I wonder if He does hold them and love them? (some of you will imediately say yes, and others of you will start racking your brains about predestination and so forth. Or you might be in the class of people that don't think a baby is alive till they are born. I can't be convinced of that because I knew Lily was a night person before she was born as she would kick a LOT at 10:00 pm (insidently, she liked to stay up late after she was born and sleep in the next morning. It took a while to get her to learn to go to sleep earlier.) Oh, and when she was moving (before she was born) I could poke her if she'd stop and she'd kick back. Also if you shine a flashlight at a pregnant woman's stomach the baby will move away from it. Their little heart beat will speed up if you argue with your husband or something too (it's been documented when that happened during an ultrasound. (Good mood during pregnancy = happy baby.)