Friday, August 31, 2007

The artwork that is now in the Gallery

This first one "Harpistry" might be my favorite. And it took the best picture because I hadn't put the glass on the picture yet. :) (It's 20x24)

This one "Knot, eye" looks a lot better in person... the colors aren't as true in the picture because the glass was on the frame and I was trying not to get a glare, but the blue and reds are the same as the previous one... it's just a bad photo. This is the smallest as it's only 11x14
I really like this one as well. It was probably the hardest to do because of the shading in the roses petals. I used to draw roses all the time when I was younger. :) (I can't remember the size of this one but it is in between the sizes of the previous two...)

This is "Trinity," and it would probably be a good time to say that I put an eye shape (or in this case three eyes as I was thinking about the Trinity at the time that I made it) as a way to put God in all of my pictures. Some are more subtle than others depending on the picture.

This is "Haven," Youssef wants a sail boat some day and I made this for him... though now he wants to sell it for monetary gain. :) I'll have to make him another one some day (It's 36x24 and is going for $800 at the gallery so I guess I don't really mind. ... as long as someone buys it.)

And of course the other one that is in the gallery Youssef already put a picture up of it several posts ago, so there it is. I'm tired of making these for now and really want to scrapbook (as I'm still finishing up last Christmas! ... I'm so behind, and I really need to catch up before this Christmas and the new baby of course.) ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funny Lily things

I was folding clothes today and in the laundry basket Lily saw her blanket. I pulled it out and showed her how clean it was by sniffing it and holding it up for her to sniff (she loves to sniff things. She even entertained herself for about 20 min. the other day with an empty tea bag box by letting all her dolls, teddy bears, the cat, me, and herself sniff it over and over again.) Anyway, she really liked the idea of sniffing the clean clothes, so she pulled each thing out of the basket and sniffed it before throwing it on the floor. That cracked me up. :)
She says "go" now when she's going to run or jump off of things. When Youssef is playing with her and throwing her around he says "1, 2, 3..." and now she says "go" then he throws her in the air. She loves that.

The other day when I was making popcorn, Lily opened the cupboard and found the bowl almost as big as the popcorn bowl and held it up to me saying, "pease?" That was a pretty big hint that she'd like some (or actually a lot of) popcorn.

Just today she got into the diaper bag and took out the little changing pad and a diaper and proceeded to lay down on said changing pad while holding the diaper and looking perplexed as to how she was to change herself. We got the hint there too. ;)

She's becoming quite independant.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About Harry Potter (Part 2)

First off... You may be wondering why this seems to be such a big deal to me.
Actually, it's because Rowling has done just what Youssef has said he wants to do as a writer. Rowling is a christian who wrote a series of books to a secular society. The books were filled with a christian world view that became more and more obvious as the series progressed. She affected our culture towards a mindset that could be more open to accepting God.

Now before any of you freak out about that statement and think I'm being unholy and believe that we should all live in a christian getto and never affect the world around us, I would like to point out that other religions and ideas have been incrementally affecting our culture and most of the time we don't know it! When you next watch a movie or read a book really try to look for those underlying messages that have small references to accepting homosexuality or humanistic ideas. When you realize how much of that is affecting our culture what is wrong with a christian doing the same thing? (And *shock* people even liking the books. Perhaps there is a desire for that world view in our society... maybe people are seeking God in some fashion and don't realize it?)

A really good web site to look at in regards to Harry Potter is He wrote a book called "Looking for God in Harry Potter" the only christian book that I could find that actually sounded reasonable and well thought out. (The few that I found who were against the books didn't really have any real reason and mostly sounded like every thing they said came from fear and an unreasonable stretching of issues that wheren't really there... in my opinion.)

Someone who commented on that website said the following that I found to be very helpful.

-In Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of the Old and New Testament, look up “witch or witchcraft” and it refers you to “sorcery” which is the Greek word pharmakia, from which we get our English word pharmacy. This word “primarily signified ‘the use of medicine, drugs, spells’; then ‘poisoning’; then ’sorcery.’ In ’sorcery,’ the use of drugs, whether simple or potent, was generally accompanied by incantations and appeals to occult powers, with the provision of various charms, amulets, etc, professedly designed to keep the applicant or patient from the attention and power of demons, but actually to impress the applicant with the mysterious resources and powers of the sorcerer.”
I worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators (publications) and I assure you that the shamanistic power among indigenous peoples is real and Satanic, and is used to control and terrorize. There is a world of difference between such sorcerer/shamans and the mechanical or technological “magic” in Harry Potter. There is no sorcery, occultism nor incantational magic in the Potter books (the first is actually called Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, but American publishers changed it).

Therefore, if we as christians assume the books are evil because there are words such as witch, magic, wand, and so forth aren't we doing a disservise to the truth? The Bible does not condem a person for holding a stick and (pretending as the books are fiction) that they can say a word and their glasses will come zooming to their hand from wherever they lost the glasses in the house. Is "magic" like that a sin? My point was that if you tell people that "Yes any 'magic' is sinful" and they can see that that kind of magic isn't actually wrong couldn't they possibly not understand what the truly evil magic is? When Eve said that they couldn't eat the fruit on the tree and not to touch it either (going a step farther than God told them), but when she did take the fruit "and saw that it was good to eat" perhaps noticing that touching it didn't do anything bad to her she thought eating it would be all right too, but it wasn't. The sin wasn't in holding it or looking at it in this case it was exactly what God had said, "Don't eat it." I'm not saying that you should look into incantational magic and test the waters, but not actually do it. The Bible says that is a sin. It does not say however that pretending that you can fly or turn a mouse into a teacup is a sin. Problems happen when we add to what God says.

Youssef feels called to write books for a secular audiance, and I would love it if he was able to write something that would become as popular as the Harry Potter books. Then be able to share his faith with so many people who would listen to him! That is why this topic is important to me. I'm sure that at some point he will recieve critisizm from christians about what he writes just like Rowling did (and does), but does that mean that he should write books for a christian getto and never attempt to reach out to our society at large and incremetaly bring some minds into an openness to hearing God?

That is why I liked the Harry Potter books. That's why it bother's me when Christians reject them without knowing what the Bible says about incantational magic. Not understanding that what the Bible condems, Harry Potter does not promote.

(To which my origional post could have been title "Let's stop shooting down people on our side" or something to that effect.) :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things To Think About When Doing A Job Search

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I even took an IQ test. I was two points shy of "Superior" intelligence on this dinky test that had more ads than questions. I laughed when I read "Not a scientific test" at the end.
118 on a scale of 135. Go figure.

Monday, August 06, 2007

And that's all she wrote... or said, actually

Words that Lily can say...

"Spoon" - always accompanied by the utensil.
"Peas" - this isn't the green stuff. She's saying "Please." Still, I get what she means when she's rubbing her tummy."A'paw!" - Here's how we think this one works. Paw>Puppy>Dog. She's consistent though. And only points at a distance. She freaks out when they get too close.
"A'key" - this is for kitty... or for key. Depends on which one she's holding (or patting.)
"Dah" - this is me, Youssef. Sometimes, "A'Dah."
"Mama" - the classic.
"Au jus" (Pronounced like the french dipping sauce) - She calls everything liquid this, especially nursing.
"cheese" - yup.
"Bubbow" - this is for blowing bubbles. Or, she calls them...
"Pop" - for pop-corn or blowing-bubbles, which we 'pop.'
"Wee" - for slide, like mentioned afore.
"Poo" - for... um, you know.. "pooey."
"Shoe" - for shoes, or sandals.
"Socks" - she loves socks. She strips the baby dolls and leaves the socks on.
"Rock" - this is funny but scary. She says this whenever she's holding a rock, waving it around, and sometimes throwing it. It's plenty fun, until she's got a heavy one... and she does get them."Baa" - this is for baths.
She strokes people's faces to mean "sorry". She also looks penitent, so it's sincere, but it's not something she says.
She also waves "Goodnight" to people, objects, places...
"Owie" - this is for pain. She says it when she's hurt or when she throws her baby dolls on the floor.
"A Par" - for park! She loves parks!
"Show" - this is for movie.
"Mo'vie" - this is also for movie... just a silent "V".
"Boo" - this is for blue! and green, and red, and yellow, and black, and brown...
"Yeah." - this is for yes.... although, sometimes I think she just says it without a whole lot of thought.
"Bo'b" - this is for Bob the Tomato, of Veggietale fame.
"Cuke" - for Larry the Cucumber, ibid.
"A booh" - for Book! She'll still point and want to read one.
"Eye" - for eyeball.
"Eye-bow" - for eyebrow. This, of course, is when she's poking said object.
"Ear" - you know.
"Mouth, teeth, hair" - these are kind of rare or under her breath... she still points and knows where they are, though.
She also chomps her teeth when you ask, "Where are your teeth?"
"A Birr" for bird.
"Up" or "Down" - these are less directional and more commands. "Pick me up" or "Put me down."
"doh" -- for Play-doh!
"Bahhl" - for ball. The L is kind of quiet.
"Baby" - for baby dolls and the new baby.
"Ba'bear" - for teddy bear."Ring" - for ring.
"Stick" - for stick, right before she snaps it in half or throws it into her ever-growing pile of sticks.
"Dip" - for ranch when she sucks it off of carrots, or tomato soup when she dips her sandwich. She really likes Ranch dressing.
"Tawn" - for croutons.
"Ice" - for ice cubes which she stores in her cheeks and walks around.
"Dring" - for Drink, like milk or water. Usually when she wants a drink of what we are having.
"Appo" - for apple.
"s'Parkoe" for Sparkle which means sparkles but mainly fingernail polish that she'll bring to her Mommy and hold up and say "pease" and rub her belly till Lynne' puts it on her.
"fone" for cell phone which she holds up to her ear or shoulder and babbles into it.
"Pitty" for pretty. Whatever is pretty to her at the time... a decoration on someones wall, a picture, a flower.
"Chip" for any kind of chip or cracker.
"Pa'ta" for Pasta, and she loves tomatos and tomato sauce. Last week she "helped" Lynne' make pizza and had a spoon that she used to eat the sauce off the pizza, then she ate some of the cheese off the pizza, and then kept trying to snatch the tomatos off of it while the whole time Lynne' was trying to direct her to other food NOT on the pizza. :)
"Cahr" for car. She saw Lynne' fix a little riding toy that she has with a screwdriver (it had to be cleaned out as sand founds its way into the moving parts) so then she would find the screwdriver and poke it at the underside of the car to "fix" it too.
"Otay" for OK.
"Saht" for salt which she loves to shake on her food (good thing our salt shaker is slow to come out)
"Boom" for broom when she "helps" Lynne' sweep the floor.
"Duck" for real ducks or geese and for rubber duckies.
"Egg" for eggs that she helps Lynne' crack and for plastic eggs.
"h'Uney" for honey which she very much likes though doesn't get as much as she'd wish.
I think she might say something to the effect of "chocolate" but if so it is covered up by her profuse manifestations of please. Two handed rubbing and saying "peas" over and over.
"Spase" for splash that she loves to demonstrate in the tub, in a puddle, or in her pool.
"Hi" though not often.

Lily says so much more but we aren't quite as sure of their meaning yet. We have heard her put words together all on her own though, like "down pease" for instance.
And she says a whole slew of other stuff if you ask her questions, sit silent, and wait. She'll get loud and make all kinds of crazy noise when you ask her about her day, how things are going, and so on. Sometimes we catch her whispering or muttering under her breath.

Who knows what'll come up next.