Friday, August 31, 2007

The artwork that is now in the Gallery

This first one "Harpistry" might be my favorite. And it took the best picture because I hadn't put the glass on the picture yet. :) (It's 20x24)

This one "Knot, eye" looks a lot better in person... the colors aren't as true in the picture because the glass was on the frame and I was trying not to get a glare, but the blue and reds are the same as the previous one... it's just a bad photo. This is the smallest as it's only 11x14
I really like this one as well. It was probably the hardest to do because of the shading in the roses petals. I used to draw roses all the time when I was younger. :) (I can't remember the size of this one but it is in between the sizes of the previous two...)

This is "Trinity," and it would probably be a good time to say that I put an eye shape (or in this case three eyes as I was thinking about the Trinity at the time that I made it) as a way to put God in all of my pictures. Some are more subtle than others depending on the picture.

This is "Haven," Youssef wants a sail boat some day and I made this for him... though now he wants to sell it for monetary gain. :) I'll have to make him another one some day (It's 36x24 and is going for $800 at the gallery so I guess I don't really mind. ... as long as someone buys it.)

And of course the other one that is in the gallery Youssef already put a picture up of it several posts ago, so there it is. I'm tired of making these for now and really want to scrapbook (as I'm still finishing up last Christmas! ... I'm so behind, and I really need to catch up before this Christmas and the new baby of course.) ;)


Heather said...


Just curious as to what medium you are using to make these black/color pieces of art. It is very beautiful and I too enjoy the harp picture! Do you get Lily making things too while you work? I find Josiah rarely lets me do "fun" stuff without interrupting me so much that I can't finish. :) Kudos to you for getting so much done with a little one running about!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!

Lynne' said...

The medium is paper. The black is posterboard that I cut shapes out with a razorblade, and the colors are hundreds of strips of folded paper layered on the back of the posterboard. I work from the backside so it's fun to flip it over after I complete each section to see what it looks like. In person they all have a really neat demention to them because of the layering.
Lily is learning to use scissors to cut her paper, and I have special paper and stickers for her that she likes to spread out all over the floor. We watch movies while we do projects, and really, I get things done because I let her trash the the living room with toys and her projects till about 4:00 when she gets a snack in her highchair (usually a popsicle) and watches a Veggie Tales while I run around to clean and make dinner. *shrug* It works. :)

Daniel and Natalie said...

They look great!!!! I can't wait to hear that they have all sold! I really like Haven. Natalie