Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funny Lily things

I was folding clothes today and in the laundry basket Lily saw her blanket. I pulled it out and showed her how clean it was by sniffing it and holding it up for her to sniff (she loves to sniff things. She even entertained herself for about 20 min. the other day with an empty tea bag box by letting all her dolls, teddy bears, the cat, me, and herself sniff it over and over again.) Anyway, she really liked the idea of sniffing the clean clothes, so she pulled each thing out of the basket and sniffed it before throwing it on the floor. That cracked me up. :)
She says "go" now when she's going to run or jump off of things. When Youssef is playing with her and throwing her around he says "1, 2, 3..." and now she says "go" then he throws her in the air. She loves that.

The other day when I was making popcorn, Lily opened the cupboard and found the bowl almost as big as the popcorn bowl and held it up to me saying, "pease?" That was a pretty big hint that she'd like some (or actually a lot of) popcorn.

Just today she got into the diaper bag and took out the little changing pad and a diaper and proceeded to lay down on said changing pad while holding the diaper and looking perplexed as to how she was to change herself. We got the hint there too. ;)

She's becoming quite independant.

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