Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lily's surprise cookies

We now are witnessing the burdgeoning new talent in the world of cooking cookies!

Look at the array that LilyAnne Miranda uses to develop her cuisine.
There's a folksy appearance, but don't let that fool you into thinking her cookies are anything but the most highly sophisticated formula.
Notice the experiment in highly unstable sprinkles, spices, and vanilla extract.

What we see here is the beginnings of a great cook.
Not only is there some question of the legality of mixing so many ingredients, but chemically, what laws of nature has she broken, and can she pay the fine?
How much ground cloves can you put into cookies?
Do sprinkles fit inside cookies?
Here's the actual list of ingredients: Oatmeal, raisins, M&Ms (peanut and regular), cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, whole wheat, vanilla, eggs, baking soda, and butter... and salt.

How many ingredients can fit into cookies and still taste good?

Lynné reports that Lily did precise measurements of each ingredient, but hid those measurements from adult eyes with carefully choreographed shaking motions, and waiting until her back was turned...

At the end of the baking process, one which included a few questions of morality (can cookies taste morally good?) and philosophy (what is a good cookie?).
Of course, being a good scientist (what are cooks anyway if not scientists in the kitchen), she won't ever test her product on herself. No... that's when the human subject steps on the scene.

Enter the daddy.
Observe how little interest in the cookies he seems to have at first.
There are a few misguided attempts at discussing with telemarketers and so on, all while the cookie experiment progresses. However,... after the first tasting....
... his first taste ends in something close to a confused hang-up on the phone. Rather than conclude the conversation, he muffles a "Bye" and hangs up.

After the third taste flight of the cookies (intended pun), his posture has bent in half. Whether this was due to fatigue from the day, the staggering work of signing his pay check, or from the sheer weight of glucose and fructose (from the raisins) rushing to his head, Lily's studies were inconclusive. Yet a measurable effect was occurring... with each cookie, the daddy's ability to stand was inhibited.


At this point, in the experiment, the subject could no longer be controlled. Demands of "Bring me more!" and "Next cookie, please" increased in both frequency and volume. Obliging, the aproned scientist saw to her moral, philosophical, and artistic duty.

After another few minutes of ferrying cookies to the subject's mouth, the scientist realized that a limit must soon be reached. With no more cookie inventory, how could she publish her findings? How could she test future subjects with only a handful of cookies.

So, her work on the daddy had come to an end. Yet, after a bit of curiosity,

LilyAnne Miranda succumbed to her own creation's alluring scent. A cook's work seems never done, and doubly so for the experimental cook. Tomorrow's spices will be next year's recipes. Reviews would need to be written, and so would a recipe (still hidden from adults in cryptic crayon scrawlings would do).

With all these responsibilities starting to pile up, what better way for LilyAnne to relax than having one of her own cookies?

Note, though, how she's not standing either.


Ryan said...

This was so cute! Good job on the cookies Lily.
Lynne' this would be such a cute blog to scrapbook.

Lynne' said...

*grin* I know! I might have to include Youssef's witty comentary too! :)

Rachel said...

That apron is seriously adorable! Must get/make one for Kyrie.

Lynne' said...

I actually cut apart a dress/jumper that was a tiny bit too small, but had enough material on it to make the ties. It made it easier to make because the lace and neck were pretty much done I just hemmed the sides and sewed on the straps! (The skirt part was gathered and that's where I got the fabric for the straps... and then I made the skirt part on the apron with no gathers.) I bet you have something of Kyrie's that you could turn into an apron. It's great because (besides virtually being free) it is really quick to make! :)