Sunday, November 04, 2007

Please VOTE!

So! We had an ultrusound last Wednesday and we are pretty sure that we are having a GIRL! These are the scrapbook pages that I did of the ultrasound pictures (the pictures weren't very good because she was moving all over the place!)
Her name is Renna (short "e" sound and "a" sounds like the "u" in umbrella), but we aren't quite sure about the middle name yet. Renna means "Song" and we want a middle name that goes with that. Just for fun we thought we'd post all the middle name choices and their meanings and see what all of you think. (Youssef has sort of decided, but I haven't yet.) Most are a little unusual (why do the weird names have the prettiest meanings?) and if you like the sound of one but the meaning of another, please let us know. ;)
Callista (kah-LISS-ta) - "beautiful"
Calliope (kah-LYE-oh-pee) - "lyrical voice"
Fiona (fee-OH-nah) - "pretty"
Grace - "favor" or "blessing"
Lael (LAY-el) - "of God"
Lyritte (leer-RIT) - "with musical grace," "lyrical charm," or "poetical"
Yovela (yo-VAY-luh) - "Joyful heart"
Zarifa (zah-REE-fah) "moves with grace"
As you can tell we went through all of our baby name book. Oh... and don't worry about spellings because Youssef is going to change the spelling anyway.
And make sure before you choose that you put it with her first name Renna and last Sleiman with the meaning of her first, which is "song"... as in Renna Yovela would mean "song of a joyful heart"... some of the names are a little weird, but I was looking more for the meanings. Youssef has his favorite, but I'm not sure it's my favorite... but I won't tell you which he likes (and it's not the one that I just used. ;) There are a few names in their that I don't like that Youssef does and some that I like, but he doesn't... we already got rid of the ones that neither of us were sure about.
So, yes... please vote!!!


Taneisha said...

I vote for Grace. Hmm does that count since I obviously love that name. I do think it goes really well with Renna. I love the name Renna by the way.

Amanda said...

Renna Lael Sleiman "Song of God" or Renna Lyritte Sleiman "Song with musical grace" are my favorites. I like the way both of them flow. I appreciate unique names myself, especially since I have an extremely common name.

lenore diviney said...

1. Renna Grace
2. Renna Lael

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I think I like Renna Lael or Renna Yovela (except that people might try to pronounce her first and middle name as rhyming which may or may not annoy you)Natalie

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Grace first then Lael. I do like the meaning of Lail with Renna song of God

Lynne' said...

Hmmm... maybe I shoudn't say anything yet, but the problem with useing Grace for a middle name is that it could be a good first name for later if we have another girl (the more I think about it.) ... And the others I don't know if I'd want to use as a first name.

Lynne' said...

oooohh... or Fiona... or maybe Fiona Grace ("pretty blessing").. for if we have another girl after Renna. :)

Anonymous said...

Daniel says he likes Lael. And he's busy so I'm writing this for him

Heather said...

I would say to avoid the the middle names that end in "a" also because the 2 "a's" at the end don't seem to sound very well together. I too really like Renna Lael or Renna Grace best. Keep in mind that the more you change the spelling, the harder it is for people to pronounce the names correctly. As a sub in the schools, I came across a lot of weirdly spelled names and kids were really annoyed when I couldn't pronounce them correctly. I tend to pronounce things how they look phonetically. :) My advice, take it or leave it! :)
~Love, Cousin Heather

Lynne' said...

I actually like the sound of the a's at the end (as long as it's not as rhymy as say.. Renna Derinna. ;) I think it sounds more musical. I like the ones ending in harder sounds, but they don't usually sound as good when sung. I've been singing Renna's name and trying it with the different middle names... Though, really how often will she actually be called by her full name? (I don't usually use that when a kid is in trouble... I do call Lily LilyAnne when I'm serious, but that's just her full first name.) *shrug*

(Oh, and yes the point of why Youssef would change the spelling would be to make it easier to say... both he and I have always had people mis-say and mis-spell our names.)

Mom (Carla) said...

I like Renna Grace Sleiman best, but I also like Renna Lael Sleiman. I just don't know about rolling over all of the /L/ sounds! I like the others alone but when I put it in the full name, it sounds like a lot for such a little one!