Sunday, December 23, 2007

28 Week Appointment...

Ok... So I had to post this conversation that I had with my mid-wife last Thursday (for Rebekah, Rachel, and Taneisha) it's been bugging me...

She asks me what my weight was and when I told her she gasped, looked shocked, and said, "REALLY?"

"Yeah...." I say rather confused.

"Are you sure?"

".. uh.. yeah.. isn't that ok?"

"Well, if it's ok with you!"

".. umm.. what was my weight last month?"

She tells me and that I'm 11 lbs heavier. I asked what I was supposed to be gaining, and she said only one pound a week... so I've gained a little over 2 lbs a week. I explained that I've been craving sugary things and chocolate, but I actually stopped craving those things about a week ago (I go in shifts as to what food group I'm craving.)

It was just depressing to hear my own midwife talking that way and making my sensitive self feel even more fat than just being pregnant usually makes a woman feel. Afterwards, when I had to do a tiny bit of shopping, it wasn't fun at all when - with everything that I saw - I kept thinking.... "Oh, that might be good--no.. it's fattening.. I'm fat... I shouldn't get that."

Ok.. so I know I shouldn't have let what she said bother me. And maybe she just didn't remember how far along I was as she tried to set me up for another month apointment and realized that I had to start on the two week apointments because I'm at 28 weeks... but... It's just been bothering me and I keep thinking about it... and that I wanted to tell you girls about it.


Ryan said...

Wow, that is terrible! First of all ahh this makes me mad. Second the baby grows the most at the end of your pregnancy and that probably has a lot to do with it. Linda loves big babies and has told me on many occasions that big babies are much safer in the RSV season.Third I think you look REALLY good and woundnt worry about it at all if I was you . Fourth it's the holidays and you should have fun and by all means eat when you are hungry you are in no way over weight and you need to feed that sweet little Renna. Ryan also wants me to tell you that he agrees with me that you do Not look like you are in any way gaining too much weight.

Ryan said...
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Rebekah said...

You're doing great, there should be no reason for you to feel upset about your weight gain. It's for your baby, and for her good. I'm sure it's not due at all to you overeating or anything like that! And 11 lbs. in one month isn't a bad thing, especially at the time when your baby is growing so fast!

Rachel said...

Weight gain is a good thing and you're just growing a healthy baby! The nurse made a comment about my weight gain with my pregnancy with Antonio and I was so upset I was crying at the end of the appointment...but Antonio was healthy and perfect and I've already lost a lot of the weight. Sounds like you're doing great and you look beautiful!

Mom (Carla) said...

I think you are beautiful. Every time I see the Celtic Woman group, I think how easily you would fit in with them.

And you are a lovely woman with child as well. You are still able to maintain a slim face and rest of the body. Let the baby grow!!!