Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Iceman Cometh

One of the last things you expect to hear on a Saturday morning from your wife is "Wake up, it's a perfect snowman-making day."

I heard something similar this morning.

A snowman is made when -- and I didn't know this -- you first start to roll a small ball of snow. It's hard to imagine one of God's purest creatures coming from a collection of small specks of frozen water... but there you have it.

Lily and Lynné worked hard to get the base of the snowman big and steady, too. It wasn't long before their project began to suck up a large portion of the snow on our lawn.

At some point, little Lily's work became bigger than her own self. Lynné, too, pointed out that the effort blazed a trail borne of sweat and love.

How hard could it have been to make a snowman, but there you see it - more snow was going to be required if, and only if, this was to be a properly sized snowman.

You know, snowmen come in different shapes and sizes. To make a classic snowman, you need three big pieces of snow... we wanted to make ours round, and so it was that our Sleiman Snowman was made from our Sleiman snow. But the effort was becoming great. It was at this point that Daddy stopped taking pictures and began to help.

Here's where I modeled the rest of our endeavor.

In all honesty, I think it came out looking pretty much like me. (Yeah, Lynné says, but with more hair.)

So it was that Grassy the Snowman was born.

Unfortunately, due to his discomfort wearing so warm a scarf (isn't that weird that snowmen wear scarves to keep warm) we wound up taking it inside.
(Lynné speculates that it may be to hold their head on.)

In any case, I'm pretty sure he didn't like wearing it since it made him possibly a target of vandalism.
But he's big enough to take care of himself, I think.

Lily wanted to go on a walk because we used the stroller to hold the camera up for that last picture - and she couldn't let the stroller come out of its closet without using it for old time's sake. How rewarding it is after a birth to sip on a chocolate chai from the local café.
"Yeah, I know it was like, totally awesome. We like totally went out together and like did the best to like have a snazzy Christmas. I like, really liked it, but you know - it was cold and stuff. Yeah, totally. I know! I wish that this was a real phone instead of a mouse, too, but it's cool."


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great day.
What a good picture of Lily. Nice commentary Youssef.
Mom M

Ryan said...

By the way if you noticed someone throwing snowballs at your window, it was Ryan. He saw lynne' outside making a snowman and when he walked back by to say,"hi" everyone was already back inside.

Lynne' said...

What? But we didn't go inside, we went on a walk... might explain why we didn't see anyone... Why was he walking by?

Lynne' said...

*gasp* he didn't put the face one the tree did he?!

Ryan said...

Not sure what the last post means. But , all he did was throw a snowball at your window. He was taking pictures at a guys house with my dad. I guess he is putting some stuff on craigslist for him and maybe making some money.

Ryan said...

I totally love the last picture of Lilly. lol

Ryan said...

We should get together at some point during this lifetime.hee hee. Hopefully after Christmas we can get together with you guys,it feels like it's been forever.

Lynne' said...

Yeah, it does, but I think it's only been just over a week. :)

Mom (Carla) said...

Thanks for putting up this beautiful day for everyone to share. It made me smile!