Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

The picture below of Lily with her mouth open was her first reaction when I turned the lights on on the tree. We'd put the tree up and put the lights on it the night before and this is the morning that we were going to decorate the tree (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). Unfortunately her 2 year molars started coming in and were really bothering her so we took turns holding her while the other person put ornaments on the tree. I wish she had of been feeling better and had wanted to help. Her teeth are still hurting her, but she's having an easier time now than she did that first week end.

The snowflakes I thought would be fun to put on here incase someone wanted a neat project to do. They are made with sparkly hot glue! You just make whatever shape (a snowflake in this case) with the hot glue on some wax paper or plastic that is bendable so that you can peal it off when it cools. It's pretty fun and I think they look neat. :)

We all have eclectic taste in our household. Here Lily is wearing her new princess nighty with her Lightning McQueen car slippers and watching "Wizard of Oz" (that she calls "Boz") While playing with her baby doll. I was impressed with this picture because I actually caught her smiling. Usually, she moves too fast and our camera is too slow to catch a good smile.

The first of the fondue for December. We've decided that once a year just isn't enough, so we thought we'd better have fondue every weekend in December! It's fun and festive. :)

Random picture of Lily reading all by herself the other day before bed. It was a little sad that she didn't want me to read to her at first, but also kind of nice that she was being so independent. And later she wanted me to read to her and kept trying to stall because she didn't want to go to sleep till Daddy got home.

This ornament (the strawberry) Lily picked out for her ornament for the year! I don't know why she was so into this one... maybe because we went strawberry picking in July and she only wanted to eat strawberries for a week? Or perhaps just because she thought it was pretty. She wanted this one above all others. Actually, she would have liked 20 of them, but besides that she couldn't hold that many, I couldn't let her have more as just the one was $4.99.

The teddy ornament I got for Renna just for fun... even though she's not born yet. :)

Youssef's and my ornament for the year I decided to make with the paper folding idea since one of the big things of the year was that I got my pictures in a gallery and sold another. The other thing was that we learned how to make sushi and had sushi a LOT this year (Youssef said it was his comfort food). Lily likes to point at it hanging on the tree and say "sue-see".

Ahh... The tree, but they never look as pretty in a picture do they?

This is Lily's first time (really) in the snow. She wasn't quite sure what to do, but she liked to walk in it (rather than the path I shovelled).

The snow is all gone now... right when it was ready to make into snowmen! Well... we'll have to do that later. :)


RickCapezza said...

Those snowflakes are cool. What a great idea.

Lynne' said...

Yeah! It was really fun and not too hard either... you can even draw something first and just trace it with the hot glue or trace another picture or something to make it even easier! (I think a few will end up in my scrapbook.)

Ryan said...

Awww it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Very Christmacy. :-)