Saturday, December 15, 2007

Latest addition to the picture market

Ready your ooohs and ahhhhs.

This one is called "Hovering."

Note the muted colors. Only in a few places are there colors of vibrant quality - quite a step different than the typical fare of Lynné's.
I believe it's muted in color to accommodate more common household colors. It's the kind of coloring that would match some homes with rich velvety furniture and cushy cushions.
Okay, wipe your eyes and get ready for the next one... it's a beauty.

Yeah, that's right it's the prettiest one yet. (Youssef's opinion) Heaven's pearly gates seem slightly tarnished compared to this array of color and light.
And, it's still all paper - no real flowers were injured in the production of this image.
Look closely at the center purple lily... very closely... you may see the digitized rendering of 3D-edness.
To represent the pollen things, Lynné made the paper reach out of the flat picture. Again, another departure from normal, but it fits so well with the depth. Because this one was one of her best of the most recent, it went to our Aunt Gen - she deserves some of the fruit of some of our work.
Of course, we sent it after we scanned it several times (and I pieced it together in Ms Word with my digital publishing abilities) so that we can use the image for further prints. (Those aren't yet on sale since, well, we printed them rather large and we don't yet have a board and plastic to present it yet. It is a nice picture, though.)

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