Sunday, January 06, 2008

Backing up to New Years

A good start to the new year...

As a family, it's not quite right to say we didn't do anything special for New Year's Eve. Instead, we just didn't celebrate 2007 ending. We celebrated 2008 beginning!

One of our Christmas gifts was a small cribbage set. We never really played - each thinking the other had some background in it. Well, we walked out to Starbucks together and played while Lily watched a show and ran around. Actually, we learned how to play
it there, helped just a bit from one of the baristas.

On the way back, Lily fell asleep in her stroller and we rolled her into the house to finish her nap while we made sushi, potstickers, and orange chicken. (Lynne' won two out of the three cribbage games that we played.)

Lily woke up just in time to enjoy the sushi with us. She enjoys sushi just about as much as we do.

A wonderful invention was the club soda. Rather than having pop that has lots of sugar and other things in it we just used juice and club soda. Lily loves the "bubbly juice" too. She grins and says "bubbows" after drinking some.
After the yummy dinner we had some hot chocolate (another favorite).
It was such a nice relaxing day that we wanted to share our simple pleasures on here. The best part was the time we spent together. It really was a great start for our new year.

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