Sunday, January 06, 2008

Birthday party!

Lily awoke to find a jungle of helium balloons to run through!
Then she opened a couple presents
(her favorite Veggietales movie and her princess/cars quilt.)

Then she saw a sheet in the corner that was covering something quite large and when she pulled off the sheet she found a play house!

She liked to go in and out and in and out and in and out....

Mommy had fun decorating the night before!

For lunch, we had one of Lily's favorite meals, one that we've only had a few times: Corn dogs and fries!

Later when the Hathaways came, Arayah and Lily thought the blueberries were pretty yummy.

The angelfood cake was heavenly.

Lily knew just what to do with the cake and candles!

She ate much cake, and the next day, we had the left-overs together, and she said "cake" quite clearly.

This is a picture of Lily ready to go on a walk with her new twin baby dolls from the Hathaways. Once she saw the snow outside and that Daddy was getting her stroller out, she changed plans and just put the babies in the bottom of the big stroller and put the doll stroller back in the house. We walked to Starbucks, and she played while Youssef and I played a game for a while.

I asked her yesterday if she was having a good birthday and she hugged her two new dolls tighter and said "yes" really quietly and happily. It was really sweet. :) Also, today when she saw the Hathaway's christmas picture on our fridge, she pointed at each person and said something that I didn't understand, but I could tell she knew them and was happy about seeing their picture! She had such a girly birthday what with the pink streamers and dolls and play house. All the girls happened to be dressed in pink too! Today, when Youssef and I were walking home from our trip to starbucks we were talking about her fun birthday and how when Renna is born there will be even MORE girls to play with. :) Youssef realized that maybe he should talk to Ryan and set up a monthly man movie night.

Youssef and I realized last night after the party and after Lily had fallen asleep that we'd forgotten to give her one of her presents! She was having so much fun playing with the dolls and other girls and I was working on dinner and we were having such a great time that all of a sudden she was tired and I'd totally spaced about that last present, but we'll give it to her today after her nap.


Lynne' said...

I forgot to put this in the post (as I was on the other end of the party), but the night before when I was finishing up making presents and decorating (not to mention trying to put 20 helium balloons in our pathfinder with the wind blowing and a toddler crying because she wants to hold them and not understanding me when I try to explain that yes they are hers, but she has to wait till we get home to play with them while Youssef keeps calling my cell phone because I was on my way to pick him up and he was wondering where I was.) I kept thinking about how my mom would always decorate for us on our birthdays. She made a lot of my presents too. I guess I never realized how hard it must have been for her. The older I get the more I appreciate all that my mom did for me... from making dentist apointments to cooking every night and now decorating after my child is asleep! (It was a late night.)

So even though this isn't mothers day ....

I never knew how much work you did to make my birthdays so special.

Ryan said...

Lily's party was a lot of fun,it was very girly! I am glad she likes what we got her and I am also glad that our girls are becoming good friends. Just think next year there will be five little girls dressed in pink running around.By the way thanks for the money saving tips about food, I shared some of them with my mom.
I totally agree becoming a mom really helps you appreciate your own mom!

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Ryan laughed and said something like, no kidding. When I told him what Yousseff said.

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Lily!! I'm glad you had a fun day! We can hardly wait to see you all again. BTW, the squiggly baloons are the same as some I got for Timothy's birthday! They're a challenge to blow up, aren't they? But the kids have so much fun with them...they do sort of a sword-fight with them. :-)

Lynne' said...

We, fortunatly, had a little pump to blow them up and even that was a slight challenge! They're a lot neater than the plain ones. :)