Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Lily was asking for more chocolate! On Christmas she got a lot more sweets than usual and as you can see... she enjoyed it! :)
Lily's playing with her new toys... I think she made broccoli tea.

This was really fun. She got some Christmas/birthday money from her great grandfather on Youssef's side and when we were at Walmart to let her pick something out, she didn't seem too thrilled with really anything. A couple things maybe, but then I saw this pony and let her sit on it. I didn't think she'd like it that much, but she was so excited about it that she didn't even want to put it into the cart! Straddling it, she walked it all the way from the back of Walmart to the front to buy it. It took a while for me to explain that she had to sit in her seat belt in the car rather than on the pony and that it was really coming home with us. :) She made me laugh the whole time she walked with it. When you squeeze it's ears it sings and talks and the mouth moves so she pretends to feed it her plastic fruit. So adorable!

There are a few too many toys in our living room now though, so we are going to re-arrange our house to make the back room more usable. Right now we aren't really using it. It's all full of craft things and so forth but I usually bring my sewing machine into the dining room to keep better track of Lily. We are going to be getting rid of some furniture so if anyone around here needs a nice desk for instance there is a free one available! (We originally got it for Youssef's office. I like it better than the one that I'm using now for my computer but it's too big for the space.) Anyway, next time we have friends over there will actually be a place for the kids to play so that the adults can talk! We don't have friends over as much as we'd like.

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