Friday, January 25, 2008

Lily's Two Year Pictures!

I finally have an opportunity to post these! I took her on her real birthday and she didn't like having her picture taken so much, so some of the pictures are a little teary, but I'll include them anyway. We got the pictures taken in the mall so I let her ride those coin things more than usual afterwards and we had a smoothy together.

Well, here are the pictures!

And if you happen to be a grandmother of said two year old and want to order prints (or if you just want to see the rest of the pictures!) you can go to and enter the following:
Customer Name: LYNNE SLEIMAN
Access Code: LTPP0560105303JCP


Rachel said...

Ah, so beautiful! I love the mommy/daughter ones. I am planning on getting some professional pictures of Kyrie and I'm worried that she'll be too shy. I've always been the one to take pictures of her so I'm not sure how she'd behave for someone else!

Lynne' said...

But even if she is shy about it the serious ones look neat too!

And I think Lily was mostly nervous because the first thing the lady said to her was to tell her to get off of the chairs because she didn't want her to fall. I've noticed that Lily is afraid of other people when they correct her and she doesn't know them. I'm pretty quiet in how I correct her so if they seem mad it freaks her out. This lady didn't say it in a loud way though it was firm, but Lily just didn't know her and after that was a bit nervous about trusting her (and was much more clingy to me). But... I think most of the pictures turned out well anyway. :)

Daniel and Natalie said...

What a sweetheart! I was really glad to see you guys the other day. We don't see each other enough! Darn gas prices! I love your pictures, Lily!

Melina said...

My God, Youssef, your family is beautiful! What a beautiful wife and daughter! Ya'll make a stunning family. I am so happy for you.