Saturday, January 26, 2008

Prayer request

Youssef is looking for a second job that he can do on the bus to and from the reporting job (he's gone for 12 hours five days a week, but only works 8 hours a day), and he'd like to not have to sell plasma anymore (especially after a stupid nurse almost ruptured his vein.)

He has found a part-time writing job that he applied for that would pay $500 or more and it sounds like it would be perfect, but of course God knows what would be the best so we'd really appreciate prayer about this.

Youssef and I are also starting to really miss each other and Lily misses her daddy (she's been staying up later at night so she can play with him more), so it would be nice if he was earning enough to make all the time away more worth it, and especially to not be gone even more because of plasma.


Anonymous said...

Totally praying for y'all.


Ryan said...

I feel your pain and will totally be praying! Sounds like this could be perfect.

Ryan said...

When will you find out anything about the job? We need to do another scrapbooking day at my house like we did that one time!

Lynne' said...

Youssef just emailed them his resume' and coverletter a few days ago so we probably won't know too soon.

Scrapbooking would be great! I need to rest for a while though. Every day I feel a lot closer to delivering. I can't explain it very well. I just feel like I'm going to have her early and I'm afraid she'll come too early and I'll have to be in the hospital and stuff. I've hardly been able to walk or lie down lately without feeling like my pelvis is going to brake. Trying to lay on my side is the most painful. I could hardly get up today after getting Lily asleep for her nap. Renna is so low now it's just really painful. So anyway, I should rest a bit.

Ryan said...

Yeah, you should totally rest! I will be praying that you feel better and that Renna will wait a while to show her cute little self.

Heather said...

I found that for that pelvic pain it is useful to have a maternity belt to hold your stomach up a bit. It didn't completely get rid of the pain, but it did help a little. I feel your pain! We will be praying!