Friday, January 11, 2008


Sorry no pictures this post. Youssef's editor said he looked like *&%$*@#* ... in other words, pretty terrible. Needless to say, he took a couple days off this week.

Well, between my staying up late to make birthday things for Lily, fighting off a cold all last week, being pregnant and tired, and being awake for 2 or 3 hours several nights in a row because of a teething toddler, I caught a cold. Youssef's cold is worse though, probably due to his plasma selling and that we were out in the snow a lot on Sunday and Monday. I'm not sure about Lily. Half the time I think she's just teething, but then she'll start coughing and have a runny nose, but then she'll act achy and want her teething stuff and when I give it to her (after it starts working) she runs around the house and jumps with both feet all over the place acting as happy as a clam! (She hasn't let me feel her back gums lately to see how her teeth are coming though.) Maybe Lily's been doing better because she will drink and eat most of the things that I give her (she's been asking for chocolate though and I have to keep telling her no or direct her to something else, "No, you can't have chocolate, but you can have a carrot!" It's not quite the same, but so far it works.) Youssef on the other hand has complained the most and will hardly take the things that I give him. I know what my mom meant now when she always told me to drink lots of fluids and so forth when I was sick. It is a little frustrating to try to help someone get well and for them to not listen. (Again, another instance where my Mom was right and I didn't realize till I became a wife and mother myself. I have been taking your advise now, Mom! Lots of fluids, rest, good food, herbal remedies, sanitizing my toothbrush, washing my hands a lot, etc. :)

I've been cleaning most of today (besides shopping for fruit and so forth). Showers are wonderful things. Between several steamy showers and GSE I've been breathing freely. Also, Lysol is quite extraordinary too for all the types of germs and viruses that it kills (I had no idea till today when I read the back label at the store). I've been spraying absolutely everything with it. Toys, remotes, light switches, dvd covers, etc. have all been sanitized. There's something about being pregnant too that makes you want to clean and organize everything. I wish I could give our house a good spring cleaning. From scrubbing the appliances to washing the walls and getting rid of about half of our junk. I'm thinking I should wait until the end of February to really spring clean so I don't accidentally go into labor too early.

The hour is waining, and since I don't want to take a fifth shower today, I'm going to drink my tea and go to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll all be better! :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you all are feeling better today. And keep drinking lots.
Love you
Mom M

Ryan said...

Ahh sad we probably got you sick.

Lynne' said...

Well, maybe, but it's sort of Youssef's fault when he doesn't wash a glass before using it (and whatever he gets I get). And we were out in the snow too much and got pretty chilled.