Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our freedom to choose our government?

So I found a YouTuge video about the New Hampshire voting fraud then I went to the web site that he said he was on (which is this) and found upon comparing the blurry video and the web site that someone had changed it since he had looked at it. I also found where one district had admitted the "mistake". Even if you wouldn't pick Ron Paul as the republican candidate doesn't it bother anyone else that someone could be messing with the will of the people this terribly?

Apparently, a minority of the people seeking their own interests are lying to the american people calling it a "mistake" and hoping that no one asks for a recount because it would be too expensive or cause a division in the party. (!) I'd like to know how many times this has happened around the country so far? We really do need to get more involved and MAKE our voices be heard.

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