Monday, February 11, 2008

Whoa, did the media pull a fast one?

Check this post on Daily Paul out...

Basically, the number of delegates are what matter.
When yesterday I said 45 votes went to Ron Paul at our caucus, that's not accurate (sorry all).
That piece of paper was only for a straw poll!
The actual number of delegates are the "votes." My precinct has 3 possible votes for Ron Paul, and Forrest Tucker's precinct has 4 votes for Ron Paul.

I blame this lack of knowledge on our impatience. We thought we'd get results the next day, and what we got was a survey.
This thing, Ron Paul people, is far from over.

(That means McCain only won a straw poll when most of the counties in WA polled for Paul.)


Rebekah said...

That makes more sense...I guess we should have known. Hey, you learn something new every day about politics, when you have a reason to get involved!

Lynne' said...

Only... the deligates that you picked were two for Ron Paul and one for Huckabee right?

This is getting confusing...

Lynne' said...

I found this on the Ron Paul web site.

Q: I heard on the news that we don’t have many delegates. Is that true?
A: We have a healthy amount of delegates. Ron Paul has taken 2nd place in five states. Even in states where another candidate won, like West Virginia, we’ve been able to negotiate with other campaigns to get some of those delegates. This doesn’t get reported on the news. In the primary, the goal is not to “win” states - it is to elect delegates! That’s what we’re doing, and there are still 25 primaries to go. Super Tuesday was only the beginning. We have to run the entire distance to win.

Let's not give up!