Monday, March 03, 2008


I've been having what we've found out is "dysfunctional labor" since last Friday night at 9:45 pm. We didn't know that it was dysfunctional (meaning that it doesn't do anything it just makes you tired and makes you think that it will progress and it never does). Each day they've gotten a bit harder and making us think they'd do something, but then ... no baby. I want to see her so much. It's not that I'm sick of being pregnant (not that I want to be pregnant forever or anything) I just thought that I'd get to see her soon. She's still moving good though (she has hiccups right now) ... I'm just so tired right now... and can't stop crying because I wanted to see her so much... I know I'll still get to see her soon. My Mom is coming to watch Lily so that I can get some good sleep (which is suppose to stop the dysfunctional labor so that when it is really time to start it will be able to start in the right way). It could start right away or it might be several more weeks. I feel like I just need to let go of being excited about seeing her soon so that this labor can stop and the real stuff can do it's thing. I think the labor has been holding on this long because of my great desire to hold her... which is why I'm crying.. because I have to let go of that for now. Youssef had a hard time leaving for work because I was so sad (he left later than usual because we thought she was going to come today.)

When we thought she was coming on Saturday I asked Lily if she wanted to see her little sister today and she got so excited and screamed ""YEAH" and clapped her hands and everything. It was really cute how excited she was. Everybody wants to see Renna.

It was such a mentally tiring weekend with us thinking all the time that she'd come soon. I've been so much hungrier and thirstier too since my body was trying to work (though it never felt like anything but early labor... I kept wishing it would get harder actually.)

Speaking of being hungry, I'm really really hungry now (again) so I'm going to go eat something. Maybe the rest of the chocolate cake. Chocolate can fix anything, right? ;)


Anonymous said...

I hope we can see her before we leave Spokane!


Lynne' said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

I just hope I'm not continueing to have these contractions every day and night till you do come.

...and there's another... 4:15 am March 4th. I'm going to try to go sleep, but they keep waking me up (who said fake contractions go away when you sleep and take a bath and things?... these like to speed up at those times.)

Heather said...

I had these a lot with Josiah. In fact, I went to the hospital a month early because I thought I was in labor. They said there I had "irregular, regular" contractions. I was very embarrassed to have gone to the hospital early and was VERY disappointed that he didn't come that day, so I understand. David and I started a whole bunch of Excel spreadsheets monitoring my contractions and it was all for naught. Josiah ended up being 2 days late and when the "real" contrations hit I finally knew the difference. I know you know what it feels like though since it is your second, so I am sure this is frustrating! It was funny, with the twins I had "real" contractions, but I was in denial that they were real and I too tried the take a bath/drink lots of water techniques and they didn't help a bit! I will be praying that you will endure this time and that your litte one comes to you soon! When was your official due date again?



Lynne' said...

I'm over 38 1/2 weeks along now and have been dealing with this for a half a week. When I wrote the post it was the morning after only getting two hours of sleep because I was pacing and laboring for so long, so the disappointment was more acute. Now if I tell the contractions that they are being stupid it's easier to ignore them. Though they still are making me tired and hungry and thirsty all the time.

Lynne' said...

How to know if contractions are the real thing:

1. They keep getting harder and closer together.

2. The woman sways, hums, is quiet, breathes harder, etc.

3. Result is a baby being born.

Well we're up to day 5 of accomplishing the first two goals, but the baby part hasn't happened yet. I've been trying to encourage them to stop but only have succeded at experiancing them get harder and faster to easy and slower... they never seem to really go away. Today (well yesterday, as it's 2:00 in the morning because I couldn't sleep) I focused on eliminating mental blocks. Maybe that will help..?