Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doing stuff

What have we been doing? Reading lots of stories together, watching movies, and other quite things.

But today we went shopping! I had fun using a target gift card that I got as a shower gift to buy pretty easter dresses for the girls! They are the same color (violet) but quite a different style. I also got a purple top for me. It doesn't quite match the girls dresses, but it was the only style that actually looked somewhat good on me at this postpartum time. Anyway, it was really fun shopping. Youssef took Lily around the store and I took Renna in her carseat that hooks onto this roller frame that I got as a shower gift on Saturday. It's SO nice and compact and easy to use. I walked a lot today, but even though I'm a bit sore it's sort of a good sore like I needed to excersize and feel better now.

While Youssef and Lily played at the park for a bit I took Renna to Walmart and got a few things. Lily needed some cool jammies and so I got her these princess ones which she's been wearing all afternoon. She's been playing with this head band a lot today too.

We still need to go on a walk to try out the new double stroller from the shower as well! I'm really excited about trying it out (we'll post a picture of them in it when we go on the walk), but I don't want to over due it.

After we got back from shopping, the girls took naps. Both of them slept for over two hours at the same time! Youssef and I watched a romatic comedy together while they napped. Renna is liking her Amby bed (she slept in the living room so I could keep an eye on her.)
Now, Lily is watching a cartoon, Youssef is doing housework, and Renna is sleeping on my lap while I type.

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