Thursday, March 27, 2008

First bath at three weeks!

A bit nervous at first about the bath...
But her big sister was taking a bath too so it couldn't be too bad...
It's a little weird, but still pretty interesting
I think she liked it!
It's sort of funny that I haven't given her a bath untill now when she's three weeks today, when you considar that I gave a bath to Lily every day starting at two days old. But with her I didn't really have much to do with just one baby, so a bath was our play time and gave me something ineresting to do with her. Renna's eyes look so much like Youssef's to me! That is the really huge difference about how Lily and Renna look I think. Though Renna's eyes are still dark blue/grey you can't tell in the pictures.
This is going to be a really long weekend and following week. I hardly see Youssef for three hours out of the day (and only if we stay up too late) and he's going to be gone all weekend at a men's retreat (I hope it's good). So I won't really see him till next week end. Lily, Renna, and I are all sick with head colds so I don't know that we'll be doing much to make it fun without him. I thought about going to my Mom's but with the colds I don't know that I should take the girls out much. Today we all stayed in our pj's and watched princess movies and drank juice (and took naps together of course.)
Something neat from my birthday! When I was putting Lily to sleep she kept kissing me! My cheek, my arm, my chin. It was so cute. Usually, she'll kiss me if I ask for a kiss, but that was the first time that she just came up with that all on her own (we are more of a hugging family I guess because she hugs a lot) She had her Pooh Bear and another teddy kiss each other too! It was really sweet and a nice little birthday gift for me.
Renna smiled at me today. She was memorizing my face and I was talking to her and she smiled at me for a second. Lily smiled at me a lot more at this age, but I think Renna just might be a bit more serious. She'll be like her Daddy and be thinking philosophical thoughts. ;) And no it wasn't gas. Renna is much more burpy than Lily ever was at this age and doesn't smile as much, but if you are in tune with your kid you know when they are going to burp or spit up (for the most part) and can tell what's a real smile or not too. Renna is my little snuffelufugus today because of her stuffy nose, but she's doing pretty good, just nursing more and needing the snot sucker a lot. Lily likes to watch me use the snot sucker on Renna and gleefully says "Nose" after I'm done. I think she likes to see me use it on someone else now that she's too old for it! It really does help though and Renna sleeps so much better after that and a good feeding. Just not quite as long because her nose gets stuffy again. Renna is sitting on my lap now looking around, and Youssef is in with Lily till she falls asleep. I think Renna is sleepy, but needs a diaper change before she can go to sleep, so I'd better go. :)


Spoon said...

Awwww, three weeks old and she's already a hippie!

Lynne' said...

I forgot to say (and I don't know that I want to do a whole post about it) that Youssef has a job oportunity that he's going to apply for! It's a teaching possition at a private school and it would pay better than his job now and it would be closer!

The distance is really killing us. The only time our mariage/family gets refreshed is on the weekends and it's just getting really hard. We've looked into what it would cost to move and he doesn't earn enough for us to move to the Newport area unless we have a tenent in the apartment of our triplex that we are living in now. It would be harder to manage the triplex at a distance, and I don't know if we could pay someone because of how much we earn. Plus, if any of the apartments were vacant then we'd be not only having to deal with a mortgage but also paying our own rent. AND we'd still be having to pay for the water/sewer/garbage here. Which would be a problem as where ever we move we'd have other bills to worry about. Anyway, it just wouldn't work so the only option for improving this situation is a different job.

I don't know who all just reads the comments, but we'd really appreciate prayer for this.

Last night at dinner, Youssef and I were talking about how neat it would be if he could teleport. He wouldn't have to leave till 8 or so (and he'd still be early) instead of 6:45. We could have breakfast together, and lunch cause he could pop over for a half hour and have lunch with us. Then instead of getting home at 6:30 he'd be back by like... 4:30 when he's done with work! It would be really great.

Every day I have this secret wish that he'd just show up at 5 or something and suprise us. As it is we hardly have time for much of a dinner and a tiny bit of play time before Lily has to get ready for bed (getting ready at 7:30) reading stories and so forth and then by 9 or so (since we're still working on her sleep) if it's a good day we'll have an hour or so before we are needing to go to sleep. Renna is usually asleep by 10 and in her bed (she's awake on and off, but by then she's usually pretty down.) And we usually stay awake talking till 11 because we never seem to have any time together. Of course by then Lily is waking up and wanting in with us and/or Renna is waking up and needing to nurse again or something. It's a very short window of time. Speaking of time it 3:45 in the morning (I got up to take a shower because I was caughing so much) and now Renna has eaten and is good and asleep so I'd better join the crowd.