Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First day with Daddy back to work!

We got to try out the new stroller that we got from our churches baby shower! It's seating is like a limousine and it drives like a Cadillac! Very sweet. And I love the color! The seats can turn to face each other or both forward or whatever and the seat Renna is in tilts back. Youssef was impressed with how deep the cup holders are and when he put it all together in our living room Lily didn't want to get out of her new stroller chair! (It must be really comfy.)

We walked to Corbin park and Lily decided that she was big enough now to climb everything all by herself! She did really good too and only once almost fell on her head, but she caught herself.

While Lily played I nursed Renna then she fell asleep in the stroller.

I don't know if you can tell in the picture above, but Lily ran ahead to the swings. So that picture is sort of a seeing through Lynne's eyes type thing. :)

After swinging (which she had lots of fun with too) Lily decided that it would be fun to run around in the tennis court. I was thinking how boring it was for me and how I should ask for Roller blades for my birthday so I could Rollerblade while she runs around. ;)

When we got back Renna was still asleep so she napped for another hour and a half in her bouncy seat while Lily and I had lunch. Lily saw a box of Angel food cake that I was planning on making some time and she really really wanted it so we mixed it up real quick and now they are cooling. I put Lily to sleep and laid her down so I had some time with both asleep so that I could straighten up a bit and put a movie on (An "Affair to Remember" that I wanted to watch again because Youssef sort of ruined the ending for me. ;) Renna woke up and wanted to eat, then Lily woke up and wanted to cuddle back to sleep, so now I'm blogging with both girls asleep on my lap. You might ask why I don't lay them down somewhere, but I couldn't do much while I was nursing Renna and Lily fell asleep so I'm sort of stuck this way till Lily wakes up. My arm is feeling a little weird, but I've got everything I need near me and the girls are happy. :)


Lynne' said...

Last night Renna was asleep in her Amby bed in the living room while I got to rock Lily asleep. I have been laying next to her till she goes to sleep, but we wanted to watch a movie, so I rocked her and kept an eye on Renna while we watched "Vertigo". Both girls were down before 9pm and as much as I wanted to finish the movie, I thought I'd better go to sleep too. :)

I'm up nursing Renna right now. She really loves to nurse and won't let go on her own unless she's been asleep for quite a while. If I try to take her off sooner she squishes closer to me (it's pretty cute actually.) She'll learn though, and after Lily being the same way I know better what to do to help her go to sleep on her own and stuff. :)

Oh! Funny story from from last night (After the blog post.) I was straightening the house and then I vacuumed. Renna fell asleep in her Amby bed while I vacuumed and normally Lily gets a little scared of the noise, but this time she just sat on a little stool and watched. Then cracked me up as she started pointing out the places that I hadn't done yet. She also snatched up a few toys around her and pointed out the spots near her that needed to be done. It was just really funny to me, and made me think that she was ready for things to get back to "normal" too.

Prayer requests:
We are looking for a renter for our Studio apartment. Youssef has a few leads and will be doing some interviews on Saturday (obviously we'd like to find someone nice) and there are a few people that sound pretty good.

Youssef's been looking for a job that he could do on the bus, but that would mean really a THIRD job if you count the landlord thing, and it would be nice if some how he could get the paper to let him work four tens so he'd have more time at home with his family. It's really hard to have him be gone for almost 12 hours out of the day (though it's nice now that it's still light out when he gets home.)

We're considaring having to move to find a better paying job and all that. Dallas seems like the best place so far as the cost of living is around the same but the jobs pay like twice as much and there are lots of jobs in his area of experties. Last night he was comparing the different places we could move and Japan and India were part of that discussion, so moving to Dallas isn't so far away. And he has family and we both have friends there, so besides the weather it wouldn't be bad to move there. If he got a teaching job then we could avoid the hot summer which would be really nice. I love being outside and going on walks and things, and I hated being outside in TX because of the heat and humidity. ... I suppose I'd get used to it though... I'd really miss taking Lily to the park so often... I'd miss a lot of things (and people of course), but I'd rather go there than a place we've never been and don't have any conections with. (And at least they speak english in TX... though some might argue that fact.)

Youssef did apply for a teaching job here though! At the Falls. We aren't expecting him to get it, but it would be really nice if he did! The pay would be enough and he'd be closer to home, and he'd be doing something that he likes the most (I think he's decided that he likes teaching more than reporting, though he really likes reporting too.)

Well.. it's 5:45 and I think Renna is finally done nursing, burping, and diaper changed enough (except she has hiccups now. ;) And Youssef's alarm is going to go off some time after 6. I don't see him in the mornings. Just at night after he gets back from work (so, about 3, maybe 4 hours out of the day depending on when we go to sleep.) Lily was pretty needy last night and wanted to play with her daddy, but she really only sees him for a little over two hours and most of that is dinner time (which would explain why she scarfs her food and then bugs us so much while we eat.) We watched "Boundin'" together and snuggled though, so she was ok.

I'd better go get more sleep before Lily wants to wake up with Youssef (sometimes she'll just go back to sleep if I'm there.)

Ryan said...

We are thinking of moving for the exact same reason. We have also been looking around and it does seem like we have the worst job market. I really don't want to move but I want my husband back more then I don't want to move. Last night I went to put the girls to bed at 8:30 and Victoria started bawling because Ryan wasn't home from work yet and they had not seen him all day. It would make it a little easier if he was working all this time and we were getting ahead a little on our bills but when he is gone all the time and we still are not even payint all our bills it feels really pointless. It's a really hard place to be we will be praying for you guys. Hey, if we do move we should move together ;-)
Oh and your girls are so adorable sleeping on you!