Monday, March 17, 2008

From the weekend

On Saturday after naps we walked to Staples on Division to mail a package and then got a honey latte at the Starbucks on Buckeye/Division then stopped at the park for Lily to play! (Still LOVING the stroller!) It was pretty fun, but by the time we were at the park it was a bit chilly and so we left even though Lily wanted to stay a bit longer. My legs and hips are finally starting to feel normal again and don't ache when I'm laying down (though they still hurt when I'm getting up sometimes.) The walking actually feels really good, but I know I need to still take it easy so my uterus can get back to normal too. The picture of Youssef is of him demonstrating his "Heely's" that I gave him for Christmas. He wears them all the time and is getting pretty good at them!

And of course we have to include a couple cute pictures of our newest little one!

She loves the stroller and sleeps really well in it! But she also likes to look around too!

I don't know if you can tell in this picture just how much her eyes look like her Daddy's! (They are still blue though, but of course we don't know if that will change or not.)

This last picture was from Sunday right before we went to church. She just looked so cute in her little red dress I had to take a picture of her. The Binky is pretty nice to keep her busy when she doesn't want to nurse (or can't nurse for the short car ride). So far she doesn't need it very much and doesn't want it when she's hungry so she's doing really well. She found her thumb a couple times, but since I was a heavy thumb sucker and it was a bit traumatic to have to stop, I'd rather use a Binky because it's easier to take away than the child's thumb. I think the Bink looks cute though. ;)

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Ryan said...

Aww Renna looks so cute in that red dress with the hat. She looks like a baby doll. Very sweet!