Friday, March 28, 2008

The great divide

Lily was enjoying the vibrating bouncy chair, but it's a little too small for her.
This is right before her nap, but she's wearing her jammies because we stayed in our jammies again today because we are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick (Lily will say that now "siiiiiiiiiiiiiick" just like that.)
And not that you need to see another sleeping baby picture, but this was from today and she was so cute I thought I'd just include it too. She's been really sleepy and having a hard time staying asleep because of her stuffy nose, but I think she's been nursing more so that should help her get better quicker. I'm holding her right now since she sleeps better propped up more.
This is Lily reading stories before naptime.
Oh, and the title is I guess because of the difference in a two year old and a baby (as Lily was trying to fit in the baby chair) and also just because of my mood I guess.
It's snowing right now (and I thought it was spring... silly me) It's suppose to snow tomorrow too. I guess it doesn't matter much since we weren't going anywhere anyway. I'll probably still make waffles for Saturday even though it will feel like any other day with Youssef gone. He keeps saying how much he'll miss us and stuff, but it's not like anyone is making him go so I don't know why he keeps saying that (?) Sometimes when he does things like the retreat and I'm left alone I wish he'd change his mind and choose to stay with us, but that's probably me just being selfish. Everyone needs a retreat sometimes. I know I need one. I get very mini retreats. Like normal weekends when we all can do stuff together and when we get to see friends, and sometimes when the girls are both sleeping and I'm not tired enough for a nap myself so I can watch a movie or read without interruption. I wish I wasn't sick so that I could eat all the twix and cookies that we have in our freezer. I bought the twix for my birthday but had a sore throat so I was a good girl and didn't eat them and the cookies came with dinners that people in our church brought for us. The meals are really nice... I don't really remember the last time I've really had to do much cooking. I have made bread since Renna was born but all the meals have been pretty easy or already made! Tonight we are going to have frozen pizza! .. maybe popcorn too... and "Enchanged" again (I really like that movie) I'm glad Lily likes it too. Those are the best when everyone likes it, though the "Dinsoar" (it's a dragon but that's what she calls it) makes her snuggle up to me cause it's a little freaky. Speaking of food, it's 5:15 and there's no reason why we can't eat when ever we want. Lily woke up at 4:20 so she'll probably be ready to eat soon.

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Lynne' said...

I just joined face book. So, if any of you are on face book you can look for me if you'd like. :) I happened to see Youssef's face book account and felt a bit left out as he was talking to so many other people more than he talks to me. Not to mention spending so much time on it. So... I figured it wouldn't hurt to sign up too... anyway, maybe we could "see" each other more that way.