Sunday, March 09, 2008

Little ones

Look at the little people in this picture.

The baby is only a little bigger than the sheep doll because of the over-big clothes she's wearing.

It's because of these two that I'll be going back to work Wednesday. I happened to miss a whole day at the paper.
After five days of my seven-day weekend (for that's what it feels like), I'm feeling underslept, schizophrenic from the amount of tasks, and slightly aware of the fact I now have two daughters. I ought to cultivate a cavalier attitude now so I can resemble Mr. Bennett of Pride and Prejudice.
For those who care, I've found myself delving into Facebook. Further, I've found myself driven to thinking about Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Also, my writing topics have taken even more mind space.

However, I'm still in surprise about the big event keeping me home.
I was there for the birth. Every moment. In some ways, I feel more involved than average men.
On the other hand, my brain still feels some strange disconnection.
It was like this with Lily. I think the news I had my first daughter hit me when she was six or seven months old.
My thoughts on all of this will wait until I have them. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the face of my oldest girl who is the most aware of anyone in the house.


Lynne' said...

I have to say something about the little sheep! It was actually for Renna, but it had a little wrist rattle that matched and I thought it would be neat for them to each have one. Lily was so excited and wanted to go to sleep with her new "seep". Renna will like her wrist rattle in a month or two. :) (The ears on both sheep make a crinkly sound.)

Rachel said...

So, so sweet!

I don't think it actually "hit" Rick that he had a daughter until well after she was born. I think it was a bit surreal to him at first.