Friday, March 07, 2008

More pictures!

These first five pictures were from yesterday,
and the first one is about a minute after she was born!

The Daddy thinks the light is just too bright for her newborn eyes. :)

Lily really did want to hold her little sister, but didn't know quite what to do when she did. ;)

I think she looks quite a lot like Lily did as a newborn. I'll have to post comparison pictures.

And now, pictures from today!

My mom came today to take Lily to the park and bring some food for the crockpot she got for me (crockpots are so wonderful!) The picture is of my Mom burping Renna and Renna was making a lot of funny faces. :)

Got a picture with her eyes open!

Lily had fun at the park!


Ryan said...

Yay, more pictures! I love the first one VERY sweet. I totally see Lily in her.AWW she is so tiny and cute. You look Great by the way!!

lenore said...

awesome lynne. I am so proud. Can;t wait to see her, I am coming in a couple of weeks!!!!!

Rachel said...

I agree that she looks a lot like Lily! I can't wait to hold her!!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations to you BOTH! She is so beautiful, like Lily ~ however, for those of us who knew Youssef from the day he was born... I have to say that Lily favors her Daddy by a long shot! Much love to you both, Jim and Rhonda ~ the Texas Word Herd!