Thursday, March 13, 2008

One week appointment

Renna had her one week appointment today and she weighs 7 lbs 2 oz! So, what is that? 7 oz. more than her birth weight! She's doing really well, and learning to love her Amby bed. Lily and I made bread this morning and listened to Barbra Strisand and Renna slept quietly through it all in her bed (that I brought into our living room.) It's after 4 now and they are both still sleeping. They started in their own beds, but ended up on my lap again. I don't really mind... soon they won't want to snuggle anymore so I'd better enjoy it now!

HAD to add this picture from today! I was actually trying to get a picture with her eyes open and I made the mistake of saying "smile" right before taking the picture. Clearly, she's a genius.


Daniel and Natalie said...

Wowie! I can't believe its already been a week. I bet you can though!!! What a great weight gain. The mommy juice must be really good ;) Catch up with you soon. All my love

Lynne' said...

No it doesn't really feel like a whole week has gone by, except that I feel so much better now and I'm SO glad she came when she did because now is my "due date" (silly things aren't they?) it's so nice to hold her and be unpregnant again. It IS worth it, but I deffinately enjoy having a new born much more than being pregnant. :) Newborns are so sweet and wonderful though.

It's kind of weird, I feel like our family was suppose to be like this. I mean, before she was born I wondered what it would be like to have two kids and so forth and now it just seems like our lives weren't quite right before (even though it seemed right at the time) ... sort of like she was missing in our lives and I didn't know it till she came. I know, it sounds weird. I wonder if I'll feel like that every time we have another child? I kind of remember feeling like that with Lily, but it was a much bigger change to go from just being Youssef and me to having a baby. This isn't as different in that way, so maybe that's why I've noticed what I already explained more than I did with Lily.

Ok.. yeah, I'm sure that all made a lot of sense. I'd better go now. ;)