Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleepy time

This was the atmosphere in our house from a bit after 1:00 till 3:30 or so! Lily fell asleep all by herself in her room again and Renna fell asleep after much nursing and burping and nursing and burping and nursing (the bubble makes her feel full and then when she burps she's hungry again). :)

We took it pretty easy today and Lily spent the whole day in her princess jammies or in her robe. I read a bunch and actually got the clothes folded (!) while they slept (folding clothes is probably the thing I dislike the most ... though emptying the dishwasher is another annoying thing... I probably dislike those things the most because I had to do them growing up.) The clothes had been wanting to be folded for quite a while now so that was a big accomplishment.

These two pictures were actually from Friday when they slept really good then!
And I actually had the kitchen pretty clean too. :)

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