Saturday, March 29, 2008

So much for global warming

This is the view out of our front window! Two inches of new snow and it's almost April. Weird.
This is our car. At my Mom's house only an hour north they got SEVEN inches of new snow. And I thought it was spring... silly. If the snow stays this way maybe I'll go cross country skiing. I really wanted to cross country ski this winter and of course couldn't because I was pregnant up untill three weeks ago. Who'd of thunk I'd get a chance to still go. :)

Lily helped me make waffles this morning.
We have a bunch left over because Youssef isn't here to eat all of them
Oh... and her hair is long enough now for a new hair do.

She looks so grown up.

Sometimes when Renna is fussing and I go to her bed (which is in the living room during the day) to see if she's waking up and wanting to nurse or just moving around and will go back to sleep, Lily will come in front of me and say "stop" and want me to hold her. I think some of the novelty of having a baby in the house is wearing off and she's wanting some more Mommy time again. Since taking the snow pictures the sun has come out! It's really pretty actually. I'm feeling so much more optomistic than I did yesterday. Even with the snow and only getting barely 6 hours of sleep (couldn't fall asleep last night and Renna woke me up early.)
Anyway, I'd better go clean up the house.

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