Saturday, March 08, 2008

Two days old

Renna hasn't spent much time in her amby bed yet because I'm still keeping her close against me so she can learn to breathe really well and so I can listen to her sounds to learn what she needs and so forth, but she really does like it!

The bink is nice to soothe her for a few minutes when she's nursed really well and burped and just wants to keep sucking to fall asleep or when I have to do something and Youssef needs to hold her for me. Lily never really liked binks. Just played with them a little bit.

Youssef held her for me while I took a shower.

Then I sat in the vibrating chair and told him how to make waffles (as it's "waffle Saturday") He did pretty good doing it all, though seemed to be a bit overwhelmed a few times. I'm really trying not to get up and straighten up the house it's starting to really drive me nuts. Youssef did laundry for me, but there are baskets everywhere and random toys boxes and other things that I just want to have put away. There are places for most things, but aparently I'm the only one that knows where those places are.

On a funny note, while we were eating dinner Lily brought me my pregnancy yoga dvd and really wanted it on! Now Youssef is doing it with her. It was really cute how she'd do yoga with me (she calls it "Yoke") Lily's been really tired lately, which makes it harder to reason with her. Youssef's gotten a little frustraited with her I think, but she's actually been doing really well with her new sister. In the morning She's been waking up earlier than usual because she'll hear me doing something with Renna and think it's time to get up, but we've just been hanging out in bed for a long time in the morning reading stories together! It's pretty fun actually. Lily likes to take showers with me too so that hasn't changed for her (as she can undress herself and come in by herself, all I have to do is cover her in bubbles and share the stream of water.) After I'm done with the shower I just let her take a bath and play while I get dressed and fix my hair. After Youssef goes to work I'll just have Renna in the bathroom too in her bouncy chair.

Well... I think it's sleepy time. Lily needs a good cuddle before going to sleep as I've not been able to give her much attention. Renna is cuddled in my robe right now so it's really easy to type, but Daddy would like a turn holding her too. :)


Heather said...

Normally I wouldn't correct your blog, but I think in this post the very first word is Renna rather than Lily? I will chalk that up to tired new Mommy syndrom! Believe me, I know how that goes!
Love your cousin,

Lynne' said...

I fixed it... and yes I'm pretty tired. Youssef just asked me a question and I had to ask him what he said like three times, and it was just if I wanted orange juice or something else (that I don't remember). Renna is actually sleeping really well though! She slept for four hours straight from 3 am till 7 am! Which of course is technically sleeping through the night for a baby this old. Actually, the tricky part has been getting Lily to go to sleep while Renna is making baby sounds (since she's not used to that and it wakes her up) I finally got Lily and Renna down at the same time at about 11:45 last night. They kept waking each other up. Not that it's hard to get Renna to go to sleep, but I couldn't help Lily when Lily woke up Renna because then Renna would need me. *sigh* Lily has always been pretty needy for sleepy times. The main problem lately has been that Lily is so overly tired. I'm going to try to get her wound down a lot earlier tonight so she doesn't get so insane. Youssef's tried to help, but it seems that both girls would much rather have me, and when ever I'd get one close to sleep last night and pass one off to Youssef then who ever he was holding would wake up and then wake the other up. I think it really was just that Lily was so overly tired. I strained my pelvis though because I carried Lily last night. I didn't know what else to do because I didn't want Youssef to wake her up again, so I carried her and layed her down myself. I'm ok today, just a bit more sore and tired.

Ryan said...

How did the baby shower go? Did you get any pictures of the shower?

Heather said...

I will definitely pray that you will be able to get Lily used to the nighttime sounds and that she can learn to sleep through them. We have had to deal with that some ourselves since one of us is up and around most of the night with the twins. Josiah will hear us from inside his room (with the door closed mind you all the way down the hall) and will sometimes wake up at night or REALLY early in the morning on my shift. It is a lot of work to entertain/care for a 2 year old AND do the work of caring for newborns. You will find a way though and she will get used to the new sounds at some point I am sure!

Youssef Sleiman said...

My mom got pictures of the shower for me. I'll have to down load them to our computer some time. :)