Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two Weeks Today! (added amendment)

Renna's two week appointment was today and she weighed 7 lbs 9 oz. Beth (my midwife) said that they usually liked them to be back to their birth weight by two weeks old and Renna is almost a pound more, so she's doing really well. She's an inch longer and her head is an inch and a half bigger than her birth size too!

I had to put up pictures of the spiffy carseat carrier that we got as a shower gift. And since I was out today and then went shopping I figured I'd just snap a few pictures when we got back (which I did as you can see.)

We went to Walmart to get a few things. I wanted to buy "Enchanted" for my birthday (Youssef will be working since it's a Tuesday, and I didn't have any plans so I thought it would be fun to watch "Enchanted" and eat chocolate and drink lots of Ginger Ale -the good kind.)

The other things that I got were because of an incident this morning. Lily usually gets up before me and helps herself to things in the fridge that she brings to me and I groggily open for her. Well, today apparently she had quite a wet diaper which she decided to take off herself along with her jammies of course. She got her princess nightgown (that she brought to me and I sleepily helped her get into it before I drifted off again) and later brought her rob in. Well, she wasn't wearing a diaper remember and normally that's not a huge deal except today when I got up, and found her clothes here and there and her diaper in the bathroom, I also found a pile of pooy in the living room. When I asked her if that was her poo and tried to explain that poo is suppose to go in the toilet or her diaper (we've talked about that before) she seemed to understand, but didn't seem to mind that there was poo on the floor and also helped to point out another spot that had some poo. SO, I'm thinking she's getting ready to learn to use the toilet. The picture is of her new baby doll that she's feeding and it will pee in the little toilet that it comes with. She really likes it, though she did just start squirting the water from the bottle directly into the toilet (why have it go through the baby doll if you can just play in the water?) We also got her some pretty princess underpants. I'm going to be gone tomorrow morning though, so I'm not sure when I can really start. I might have to wait till next week and then give her my full attention so we can work on potty training. In the mean, time she can play with the baby doll and we also got a DVD from the library called "Elmo's Potty Time" which she's really liked watching (might explain why she decided to poo without the diaper?)

Anyway, I'm sure you all really wanted to hear all that. ;) Such is my life. :)

To end the post with a less disgusting subject, and in case Youssef is reading this from work or at plasma.... The other thing I bought was a special "new Daddy of two girls" present. (*grin* You'll never guess!!!)
Tonight after dinner and when Lily was almost finished watching "Elmo's Potty Time" she came to me walking a little funny and I asked her if she needed to go potty and she said she did! And she went! And this is her happy face because she went in the toilet. It was so cute how excited she was. :)

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