Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who is who?









Four are Renna and four are Lily. Guess who is who!!! (Sorry the crop job isn't so great, but it sort of works.)


Youssef Sleiman said...

This is harder than a personality quiz.

I'm not giving answers, but I got 3 out of 8 wrong!
Man, I'm glad they were born with two years between. Otherwise, I'd never be able to tell them apart!

Ryan said...

Wow, it will be fun to see if they always look so much alike.

Ryan said...

Ok, 1,3,6,and 7 are Renna. Thats my guess anyway.

Lynne' said...

Better than Youssef! But I can't give the answers yet incase someone else wants to guess. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is my guess
Renna is 2,5,6,7,
They really look alike

Lynne' said...

Close Mom! I wonder if anyone will get 100%? :)

Daniel and Natalie said...

okay I guess that 1, 3, 5, and 8 are Lilly. How'd I do?

Mishael, Zack, & Morgyn said...

Hi Lynne', those pictures are amazing, I'm not even going to try-lol! Congratulations what a pretty baby!


Lynne' said...

Oh... sorry Natalie you did only as good as Youssef. ;)

Youssef said...

You're a funny score-keeper Lynne!

Daniel and Natalie said...

How'd you know it was me guessing and not Daniel? The timing of the guess? I think I'll just blame that one on him Heh-heh.

Heather said...

Based on your mom's almost correct answer, I am going to try for Renna as 3, 5, 6 & 7. When are you going to give the correct answers? I should try this with Josiah and Daniel's pictures as they look a lot a like too!
~Cousin Heather

Lynne' said...

oops still missing one Heather!
Most people are only missing one, which is pretty good! hmmm... I'll reveal the correct answers after her one week appointment (which is Thursday in the evening).

Unless someone gets all of them right before then. :)

Lynne' said...

Oh... actually Natalie, you did better than Youssef! I just checked again.

Lynne' said...

Ok... Renna is #2, #3, #6, and #7.

Everyone was so close.

... except Youssef. ;)

Heather said...

You know, I didn't think 5 was Renna based on the picture quality, but I went with your mom's guess...thanks a lot Aunt Sandy. Ha ha...just kidding. I think the hardest to tell were pictures 1, 2, 3, and 4 for sure. It seems that Renna has thinner lips at this age or they look different in some way anyway..that is how I could tell most of them. Not to mention I recognized the rainbow blankie that Renna had as well.
Have a great day!

Lynne' said...

The rainbow blanket I actually was given to me for Lily when she was born, but for whatever reason I didn't use it much for her. This time I'm using it all the time though (probably because of the time of year.)

And a weird thing about the picture quality is that it's all from the same camera! But yes, all the ones of Lily aren't as clear. Maybe we just weren't as good at using the camera?

You really can't tell in these pictures and I haven't gotten a good picture of her wide awake yet, but I think her eye shape is the same as Youssef's. His eyes are perfectly almond shaped and mine are a little flatter on the bottom and rounder on the top, which is how Lily's eyes are. Renna's eyes are still really dark blue, so we'll see if they change later. (Lily's eyes are more hazely like her Grammy's now.)

Anyway, I think their eyes are the biggest difference, but I can see other small things too. Like Lily seems to have more of her Daddy's chin and Renna has more of my chin. I think both of them have head shapes a little closer to Youssef's when he was a baby (which I think is a lot prettier than my pointed baby head was.) ;)

Their personalities are quite different already though. At least so far it seems like Renna is a little more of a girly girl than Lily. Lily is quite girly, but also really active and tumble and climb and so forth. Renna already seems to be more graceful in her movements and makes this little squeak when Lily accidentally squishes her or something. Renna's skin seems to be a little darker than Lily's too. She obviously got that from her Daddy as I'm quite fair. Lily was a lot whiter at this age. Youssef was so used to seeing women with tannish looking skin that he thought that my fair skin looked exotic and I liked the darker look that he has, so that's pretty fun. :)

Their hair looks pretty much the same to me except that Renna might have a little bit of a widows peak. Lily's hair grow in really nicely so I'm glad that Renna's seems to be about the same as Lily's was. Maybe it will grow in really nicely too. :)

I'm going to take it easy today, except I need to go do the dishes and fold clothes this morning.

I'm so glad it's FRIDAY!!!

Youssef does have an appointment tomorrow with a possible new tenant, but hopefully it won't take too long and the guy will be a good choice (apparently he can pay all of a years rent up front and has a baby daughter that will be with him part of the time... sounds like a pretty good fit so far.) ;)