Wednesday, April 23, 2008

6 to 7 weeks!

These are the "busy mom" pictures of what happens to the baby for a few minutes while the mommy loads the dryer!

She gets a lot more "sling time" than Lily did since she's a bit colicky. It's so sad when it's really bad and she gives this little pain-cry squeal before her pathetic cry and when it's bad she can't be comforted, which breaks my heart. I still do things and though it doesn't help completely it DOES help because it stops her from crying at least on and off. The sling really helps though because she is upright and it's easier to get the bubbles out. It also helps me to be able to do things! She has to be held upright for such a long time after she eats that if I didn't put her in the sling I'd probably never be able to do stuff. She likes it even when she's awake though as you can see from the picture, though usually she'll fall asleep in it or I'll nurse her and then she sleeps while she's working on burping for an hour or so. I usually can lay her down in her bed though and she'll sleep even longer which is nice. I think the Amby bed does help with that, but if I lay her down too soon then she'll start to wiggle and sometimes do the pain-cry and I have to pick her up or she'll spit up a bunch instead of just burping. I've tried to pay attention to what I eat to see if something that I'm eating is bothering her, but I can't really tell yet (possibly dairy, but I don't eat enough of it normally to really be able to pin point it when I do..)

She likes to face outward like this picture or face me or even nurse in the sling! It's so nice to have when I need to be making dinner or taking care of Lily.

I've noticed that my kids aren't quite as clean when there are two of them as apposed to one. This morning I was doing stuff with Renna and Lily got into the fridge and brought me the peanut butter jar... and I gave her a spoon and let her eat it! .. yep.. that's how it goes some times. I figure it's more important to play with them then that they are perfectly clean. I tried to give Lily some extra attention today too. I think she's been a little low on affection and that's why she's been getting into more things lately (like trying to paint her own toes with fingernail polish! I woke to find several bottles precariously laying uncapped on the floor! Fortunately it wasn't too messy .. just smelly for a long time.) Right now, Lily is getting into the boxes of tea and dumping them all over the kitchen floor, but they are individually wrapped. *shrug* She likes tea. ;)

Last Thursday Renna had her SIX week appointment! She was 9 lb 13 oz! So at least I know that the colickyness hasn't effected her weight gain (she spits up a LOT more if I'm not really careful to burp her well though, and I'm sure that wouldn't be as good for her to spit up a lot.)

I haven't been taking quite as many pictures lately. ;) And I really need to print all of them out so that I can start scrapbooking again or I'll get terribly behind! I'm just starting to get into the swing of a baby and toddler together and keeping the house tidy and trying to stay consistent with a Bible study. So, soon I'll get back into projects. :)


Heather said...

That picture of Renna in the laundry basket is priceless! And I totally understand about the toddler destroying the house scenario! This is my life!

Ryan said...

I love how small Renna is. She is seven weeks old and looks the size of my babies when they are born.. so tiny.. She is starting to look a little less like Lily but still you can tell they are sisters. She has pretty eyes.