Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bath time!

It's so freaky to me how much her eyes look like Youssef's!  Except that they are still blue (though you can't tell in this picture.)
She smiled while taking the bath too, but I always forget to bring the camera in before hand.

Then it was Lily's turn and she was showing off their new duckies.  Lily's is the blue.  She was just borrowing Renna's.  ;)
Maybe it's because I have two kids now, but it seems like cleanliness has gone a little more by the way side.  I decided Renna needed a bath when I found a speck of Jam in her hair!  Little miss sticky fingers was probably the culprit.  And Lily has been eating watermelon all morning (and other messy things like toast with jam) so she needed a bath too.  

I think Lily is more into having her picture taken when she sees me take pictures of Renna.  Lily is actually smiling in this too!  Usually she's too busy to stop for the camera.

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Daniel and Natalie said...

Supreme cuteness! I was just going to call you...picked up my phone...it was dead. Lame! I'll try later.