Friday, April 11, 2008


She calls watermelon "UhMen"

In between practically everything Lily says she strings together "this is a"
Today she was super excited about a ball and kept saying "Thisisathisisa BALL this sisa BALL thisthis thisis a BALL!" You get the idea.
She also loves to say "look" But she can't say the L
So I hear a lot of "Ook! A cat. OOk a cat. Ook, ook a cat." (It's pretty funny how excited she gets about our own cat that she sees every day. ;)
She says sorry all the time too! Even when she doesn't do anything at all. She falls down (playing) and says, "Sawy" she jumps and says, "Oh, sawy." The only problem is that she won't say sorry when she really does need to. Like to the cat especially.
And since the new baby, she says, "Ook, a beebee, ook, a beebee, ook, ook, a beebee." Or, "sisissis sisis Beebee sis sisssis, Beebee!"
The last thing that I can think of that she says ALL the time is "Woe!" She likes to run around the house and say "Woe, woe, woe." While she jumps and spins and does other tricks and silly things.
Everything she says (except sorry) is usually really loud and excited.
She also repeats practically everything we say now! Which is only a little frustrating when I can't understand what she is asking for and I say, "What?" and she says, "What." back.
Oh, and she says, "Take" a lot too when she's done with something, and lately when I've needed to go to Renna in her bed when she's starting to fuss Lily will run over and say "STOP!" with her hand held out. If Renna goes back to sleep Lily is quite happy, but if I have to pick her up sometimes Lily freaks out a little bit and starts to cry. So, we'll read a book together so that she knows she can still do things with the mommy even with the new baby too. ;)
It's really fun to read her stories now since she's started "reading" them with me! She knows the books so well that she says some of it with me and points and talks about all the stuff in the pictures.

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